Budget Calculations

  Terry Brown 15:17 01 Apr 2010

As the average wage is £24000 per annum (Gov Figures), and this country is is debt, I suggest the following:

Any family that is on benefits is restricted to 35% of the average wage (£161.54) per week, which includes all benefits (cash and kind -- rates, rent, furniture allowence etc)plus family allowance for the first 2 children only (£20 + £13.20)making a living allowence of £193.73.

By the time you add the Income tax & Nation Insurance you would have paid, this works out to the equivilent of approx £1242 or £276.11 per week.

I believe that is fair-- Your comments please.

  canarieslover 16:14 01 Apr 2010

Too simple. You obviously do not have the right qualifications to be an MP.

  oresome 17:12 01 Apr 2010

How can you believe it is fair when you don't know or take account of the circumstances of the claimant?

  zzzz999 22:19 01 Apr 2010

so your solution to the financial carnage we find ourselves in because of rich men's greed and stupidity is to take it out of the poorest in society. Interesting!

  cream. 22:25 01 Apr 2010

and pensioners winter fuel allowance, means tested?

Quite a lot DO NOT NEED it.

  Awshum 22:45 01 Apr 2010

Absolutely, force the poorest in the country to pay with their daily bread.

So, look at my essentials...


Electric - £15 per week
Rent&Rates - £63.00 per week
Heating - £15 per week

total £93 per week

leaves £100.73 to feed, clothe and maintain my family which is two adults and 3 children aged 8, 6 and 2.

  Awshum 22:53 01 Apr 2010

I, of course, am employed and not on benefits but if Terry Brown ever became a law maker then gawd help us. I pray and hope I never end up on Terry Brown benefits.

How about statutory euthanasia? Recoup all them pensions being paid out.

Cancel the NHS? Surely the poor families can afford health care out of their £193 super allowance from Terry Brown. If not, sure if you can't afford it then you don't need it isn't that right?

  ashdav 23:34 01 Apr 2010

The average wage may be £24000 pa but the median wage is nearer £18000 pa.

  ashdav 23:52 01 Apr 2010

Sorry I was guessing. It's nearer £21000 pa.
click here Last paragraph in the "WHAT'S AN AVERAGE SALARY?" section.

  Kevscar1 05:58 02 Apr 2010

I'm all for it, they give me £64.40 per week.

  octal 08:31 02 Apr 2010

I'm just looking at the date Terry Brown posted :)

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