budget of €45 million.

  spikeychris 19:36 09 Dec 2004

Ignore the sound-bites. The four main aspects of the scheme are however worth a read. The EU supports self-regulation, - so, will the person/group who owns the net please step forward.

click here

  Forum Editor 19:52 09 Dec 2004

that seeks to make the Internet a safer place for children to explore, and nobody could argue that we don't need more money to be spent in the fight against spam, but.............

The global nature of the Internet is both its great asset and its greatest problem. Policing it (for want of a better description) is next to impossible, and all the initiatives in the world are not going to make the slightest difference to the insatiable demand for pornography.

I travel more in hope than expectation.

  spikeychris 12:04 10 Dec 2004

click here for what people search for in Google and click here for a search engine watch. Irrespective of what an in-house? Or external body does or says people will always search for they want.

I just wonder if the end result of this will be an attempt to censor what Europeans access on the internet.An attempt has already been made in France, with the prohibition of sites selling Nazi memorabilia; and BT already block access to sites known to deal in child ponography.All very laudable, but what if this is extended to other information; which while not illegal, the E.U considers "not in the best interests" of Europe.

  Dorsai 14:40 11 Dec 2004

There is censorship, such as banning 'Lady Chaterlies Lover' from the public library, coz the moral minority think it is wrong.

There is 'certificating', such as labelling the book 18+ only, and giving children a library card that says 'under 12 only'

I am against censorship, as it will lead to stuff being banned 'for my own good' when it is up to me to decide what 'is not good for me'. It also lends weight to the banned item. People want to know what was so *bad* about it.

I remember 'clock work orange' film. Banned in UK. I got lent a dutch copy, in english with subtitles, and thougt it was fairly dire. The book was OK, but the film, had it not been banned, would have vanished into obscurity had it not been banned.

Make the WORLD safe for childre, Yes, all for it, but i am not a child, and i dont need wrapping in bubble wrap.

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