BUDGET 2010!

  Uboat 13:02 22 Jun 2010

Just watching it & it looks VERY worrying!
some things that will deffo cost me ££'s

  HondaMan 13:04 22 Jun 2010


  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:15 22 Jun 2010

There has been numerous warnings about the content over the last few months. Next you will be announcing that Mafeking has been relieved. Triple Meh.


  babybell 13:16 22 Jun 2010

..has been scrapped!

  Quickbeam 13:20 22 Jun 2010

I've got one of those leather tools for punching holes in a belt... anyone care to borrow it?

  babybell 13:25 22 Jun 2010

I think the coalition would rather we bought a new pair of slimmer trousers...

  Quickbeam 13:27 22 Jun 2010

I can't afford a new pair now...

  babybell 13:29 22 Jun 2010

Apparently, "VAT isn't going up until January to stimulate spending during the rest of this year", says Iain Watson.

So buy your trousers now, rather than next year...or at least buy a new smaller belt!

  jakimo 13:29 22 Jun 2010

Should we start a "Save a Uboat fund"

  gengiscant 13:30 22 Jun 2010

Fags and booze not going up, now there's a first and on top of that the ridiculous cider tax is not to be implemented.
The tax relief for the video games industry has been shelved, I suppose all are best folk will be leaving these shores which is a petty.

  gengiscant 13:31 22 Jun 2010

Oops 'petty' equals 'pity'

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