BT's right hand, and BT's left hand

  Forum Editor 19:22 13 Jun 2010

must truly be operating totally independently.

I recently expressed an interest in the new hyperdrive, lights and stripes, bells and whistles superfast broadband service - called 'BT Infinity', with its downstream speeds of up to 40Mbps.

Bt invites you to check whether Infinity will shortly be available in your area, and in my case it wasn't; I received an email saying "Thanks for asking about BT Infinity. Sorry to disappoint you, but your line can't support it at the moment. We do have plans to make the instant internet available to everyone in the country before too long."

Fair enough I thought, I'm in London, and surely it can't be too long before it comes.

Seven days later BT contacted me again, this time the subject line of the email was "Ooops! BT Infinity will be available in your area after all"

It went on "You might be thinking, "hang on a minute, only yesterday you told me it wouldn't be." Unfortunately, we sent you yesterday's email by mistake and we apologise for that. The good news is that we'll be starting the installation process in your area really soon and you will be able to take advantage of up to 40Mb BT Infinity after all."

Perhaps an engineer dug a hole somewhere and found a load of fibre optic cable they didn't know they had, or perhaps someone opened a desk drawer and found that page of the Infinity roll-out plan that went missing at the last Christmas party.

Or perhaps - and this is more likely I feel - they're not all singing from the same hymn sheet when it comes to putting a plan together in the first place.

  PalaeoBill 20:38 13 Jun 2010

I'm a BT business broadband customer but as their business and domestic arms don't communicate with each other, and no prompting from me has been able to make them, BT domestic keep calling trying to sell me broadband on the same phone line that has BT business broadband on it already.

  Al94 08:41 14 Jun 2010

It's a total mess as many have found click here

  onthelimit 08:50 14 Jun 2010

At least it looks as though you'll get it - what chance for those of us out in the sticks?

  interzone55 08:56 14 Jun 2010

you can thank Ofcom for that, BT business & domestic are separate companies and do not share a marketing database...

  interzone55 09:01 14 Jun 2010

When the 21CN is full rolled out you should see an increase in speed, as the deciding factor will be the distance of your house from the street cabinet, not the exchange...

  bjh 09:06 14 Jun 2010

... or perhaps Sir Michael Rake, BT Chairman personally intervened ...

"Holy Smoke, we've just said 'no' to Peter, PCA Forum Editor... that just can't be... we need new fibre optical cable direct to his home... STAT!"

Much as I wish that you had that clout, I suspect your last suggestion is closer to the truth. Big corporations rarely seem the swiftest to act, and rarely know what the other departments are up to.

  jack 14:22 14 Jun 2010

Installations going in in my area.
Where ever there was a BT distribution cabinet there was being installed a large green 'Wardrobe'
The installation seems to be piecemeal and on several occasions I have spoken to the 'Open Raech van when ever I have spotted them present-sometimes the van wasr there but the chaps were not.
Various answers ensued-
Me whats this then?
OR Fibre Optics mate
Me. When is that happening- got to lay the cables?
OR. Cables are in mate -just connecting up.
Several weeks passed
Another set of chaps this time from EDF laying cable to the 'Wardrobe'.
no need to ask them then.
More Weeks pass,
Another OR van -
Me - Is it going yet
OR No mate just checking things
Me When then-
OR Dunno mate - look up SLAM.
Here is the link
click here

Is it working yet for me ?
Dunno mates!
But look out for the 'Dr Who' Wardrobes in nice shade of green

  Forum Editor 18:48 14 Jun 2010

It would be lovely to think that I had even the slightest amount of 'clout' with BT broadband, but sadly it isn't so.

I do have a green BT cable cabinet very close to my house though, no more than 150 metres away, so I should get a good connection when it happens.

  al's left peg 18:50 14 Jun 2010

I gave up on BT a good few years ago after being billed twice for a telphone bill, then refunded, then billed again. Trying to get an answer out of someone who knew what they were talking about proved impossible. Even when we had a receipt for the bill, they still threatened court action. No one could rectify the problem for us, so we went to Telewest and they eventually left us alone.

  Al94 19:00 14 Jun 2010

Cables laid and new green cabinet 50 yds from my house(and many more in the local area) a couple of months ago but not even mentioned on the Infinity website whereas a town 5 miles away with no work done to date shows as going live in 2011.

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