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BT's broadband 'line loss' limits

  CurlyWhirly 08:41 17 Sep 2004

I have pasted this comment off the BT Wholesale website:

"Following successful trials, BT has announced that it will remove the distance related limits for the most popular broadband services, bringing potentially more than a million more homes and businesses within reach of broadband. The trial data indicate that removing the limit means more than 99.8 per cent of lines connected to a broadband exchange should now be able to get an ADSL broadband service."

While I am VERY PLEASED that the distance limits have been scrapped for the 512 kb service and extended for the 1 mb service I can't understand why BT needed to run a 'trial' to see how far broadband could stretch to?
Surely it's technical people would have been able to work this out before hand?
I was expecting to have connection problems with my 1 mb upgrade (from 512 kb) due to the length of my line but in nearly a week of using it I have had NO problems whatsoever which I am VERY pleased with!

I personally feel that BT were VERY cautious with their line loss limits hence the state we are in now with very nearly 100% of the population being able to get broadband.

  oresome 19:39 17 Sep 2004

Engineers by nature are cautious people.

I expect that pressure from the bean counters and marketing people forced the issue.

  CurlyWhirly 22:46 17 Sep 2004

bean counters?

  CurlyWhirly 14:19 19 Sep 2004

I am really sorry to hear that you are stuck on 14.4 kb.
I have just upgraded to 1 mb from 512 kb and even though I doubted whether I could get the faster service (due to my line being quite long) I have had NO connection problems at all in a week of using it.

  spuds 15:47 19 Sep 2004

You could try BT on 151, or check your exchange click here

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