BT/Open Reach are doing stuff in my street

  jack 08:55 13 Mar 2010

At each end of my road there are situated one of the familiar green BT cabinets.
Of late men in white vans have been installing adjacent to them larger cabinets- as big as a wardrobe- later other sometimes unmarked, sometimes written contractors van has turned up - this time men in hole in the ground and buckets of tar and thick cables being liberallly dosed.
On other days an Open Reach van will be near by - but no sign of occupants.
Then yesterday at my end of the road,a new hole- no workers, but fenced off with an EDF board fixed to it.
What could BT be up too?
A search of the BT site seemed to suggest that High Speed Broadband is being rolled out in some areas - could it be to me?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 09:00 13 Mar 2010

Why not ask them?


  Forum Editor 09:45 13 Mar 2010

ask the people doing the work. It sounds as if they may be installing fibre-optic cable, but there's only one way to find out.

  jack 10:22 13 Mar 2010

When next men in van/down hole are in attendance I pass by that is my intention.
With the exception of the one occasion of the men with buckets of tar. their attendance has not coincided with one of my excursions.

Oh folk keep telling me to get out more
Here is my excuse to do so.

On other thing I have noticed [or not] though the cabinets are going in no sign of cable laying- perhaps that comes later- or they did it whilst I was huddled over this device.

  jack 10:55 13 Mar 2010

I am aware EDF are an energy supplier/generator
They keep sending bills.
But the hole they are making is definately associated with the 'wardrobe'
I guess it will need more then the 50v that powers standard comms.

  jack 13:16 13 Mar 2010

Not associated with the EDF hole.
That was anoer hole entirely at the 'Wardrobe' the other end of the street.
I am going into town shortly I shall walk that way for a change and see if EDF have a hole
Shall report back

  jack 17:48 30 Mar 2010

To-day was the first time I spotted an occupied Open Reach Van near my
So I ventured ask 'What is going to go in the Wardrobes [email protected]
Its all in and cables ready to go He said.
click here
I cant wait
Will I fly?
Will I notice the difference?

  al's left peg 18:42 30 Mar 2010

I bet it's still not as fast as Virgin Media!!!

  Al94 19:08 30 Mar 2010

They're doing exactly the same on our road in Northern Ireland at the moment and it is fibre optic cable. Looking forward to that as junction box is 50 yards from my house.

  namtas 19:17 30 Mar 2010

Sounds like EDF are installing some new power cables, the buckets most probably contain hot pitch which is used to pour into and around the joint to seal the cable from water ingress.

  jack 08:26 31 Mar 2010

- the EDF activity was resolved way back
They were 'powering' the 'Wardrobe'

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