BTBB does have a heart!

  Technotiger 13:03 02 Dec 2004

Hi guys, a few weeks ago I arranged and set-up BT Broadband on a friends' pc. Sadly, today that friend is in hospital and in a deep coma from which we have been told she will not recover, she is only in her early 50's. I telphoned BT Broadband on her father's behalf (he is 85 year old) last Sunday and was told that someone would phone me back, about cancelling the 12month broadband contract. By today I had just about given up hope of actually hearing from them, and at best I was expecting a 'fight', but I have just received the promised phone call with confirmation that they will indeed cancel the contract and will confirm this in writing to her father. My faith in Human Nature has been restored. Why is it always at Christmas?

  Bandy 17:36 02 Dec 2004

Very sorry to hear the bad news but delighted to hear the BT response

  Technotiger 17:41 02 Dec 2004

Many thanks. Just a pat-on-the-back really for BT.

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