BT phonebook: Waste of money or not?

  gengiscant 08:57 23 Sep 2011

I had the latest BT phone book dumped at my door and when I exchanged it with the older version which was stored along with the Thompson's Local and the Yellow pages, it occurred to me that I couldn't remember the last time I had actually used any type of phone book to look up a number.

Is it not time that instead of wasting tens of thousands of pounds issuing various phone books to every household/business in the country that perhaps there is a cheaper method of getting the information contained within these various directories to those that actually want or need it in this form?

  Autoschediastic 09:14 23 Sep 2011

gengiscant "SNAP" it must be 6 years since ive used one? a lot of people now a days use the net to find addresses & numbers..i suppose they come useful to people without the net so they would always be a need for them however maybe they should be a option from BT if you require one of them..imagine all the paper saved?

  Al94 09:25 23 Sep 2011

All phone books go straight in the recycling bin when received, don't need them - total waste.

  carver 10:04 23 Sep 2011

My problem is that they have so reduced the size of print I need a magnifying glass to see the numbers.

  birdface 10:41 23 Sep 2011

Not to worry it is only BT users that will pay for it with higher prices.

I did notice although not with BT that the Delivery man could actually post it through my letter box this time.

I suppose that tells you a lot about BT they must be losing loads of customers for it to be that thin.

Why do they post it to non BT customers, probably as advertising or trying to get some of their old customers back.

I use Virginmedia and I have to admit their charges must be as high as BT's if not higher.

Nobody moves to Virginmedia just for their phone service I would not think,But I moved years ago because of the BT charges.

  johndrew 10:53 23 Sep 2011

I'm certain someone uses them; but who.

If a cost analysis were carried out of the actual usage of pretty much all of these directories I think it would show up as a waste to print them.

Notwithstanding this, it would be a major deprivation to those who genuinely need them. On the other hand (especially given the small print size) would it be better to offer a service of providing cards to all users on which are printed all important numbers and leave space in which to write other numbers wanted by the individual.

There is also the question of employment. How many jobs would be lost if directories were no longer produced. Must be quite a few.

All a bit difficult really.

  Cymro. 11:01 23 Sep 2011

Would it not be better if we had to opt in to have the BT Directory and let the default position be that we did not have it unless we actually asked.

  Woolwell 12:31 23 Sep 2011

I suspect that some of the posters haven't opened a BT telephone directory recently. A large proportion of it is now full of adverts for businesses and is not that different from yellow pages. I suspect that BT may make a profit out of the adverts so BT users will not be paying for it.

  interzone55 12:55 23 Sep 2011


I suppose that tells you a lot about BT they must be losing loads of customers for it to be that thin.

There's an element of BT losing customers to the likes of Virgin & Talk Talk, but there are other reasons why the phone book is now so thin.

1 the print is now smaller

2 The books are now covering smaller areas

3 Many more people now opt to be ex-directory to help prevent sales calls

  birdface 13:48 23 Sep 2011

Hi alan14

It was their charges that made me move but that must have been about 8 years ago.

Maybe they are cheaper now I don't know.

Most of the phone books I get get thrown in the bin within a few years with the covering intact.

  interzone55 14:00 23 Sep 2011


I don't blame you, I'm with Talk Talk, not necessarily because they're cheaper than BT (I pay £27.49 a month for unlimited landline calls and 10 meg ADSL with unlimited downloads), but because Talk Talk were the only company not belonging to Orange that could give me more than 2 meg, I need faster than that to work from home.

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