BT Broadband upgrade

  rossol 14:49 01 May 2005

i have been with bt for about two years paying full whack then i found bt was up grading ever one to 1mg then janurary 2 mg existing customer not to do any thing they would be up graded but i found out it could take up to june or july to get everbody done yet new customers get upgraded soon as they join .So to get around this i had to re new my contract for three months and i will be upgraded to 2mg

  stalion 18:20 01 May 2005

that is correct I have also done the same the speed increase is great

  Mr Mistoffelees 22:38 01 May 2005

I was sent a letter informing me that my 1Mbps connection would be upgraded to 2Mbps on the 15th March. Two weeks later the upgrade had still not happened so I phoned BT. After a couple of minutes I was transfered to BT sales and another 2 weeks later, after recieving a letter telling I would not be upgraded, I was upgraded.

  igk 21:42 02 May 2005

You should have phoned BT sales,I did and they put an order in straight away for the free upgrade its a 5 day wait.

  abbott8 10:53 07 May 2005

Like igk, I have just called BT Sales and I am getting my free upgrade to 2mb next friday, I know it is tempting fate being Friday 13th but who cares for a free 4x speed increase (still capped). also did you know that if you previously had BT Broadband with no e-mail you can now get upto 5 free pop3 accounts click here

  igk 13:37 07 May 2005

BT were bang on (infact they did my upgrade during the night) and my speed is now just over 2mb, Well done BT.

  jolorna 09:57 08 May 2005

do you lose your bt bb when you rang sales, apart from the time while it was being upgraded?

  mbp 10:15 08 May 2005

No signs here in West Bridgford, Nottinghamshire, England. Maybe they are trying to punish someone here who was once prominent in politics? Or Notts is not on the BT map?

  exbrat67 19:38 08 May 2005

Had 2mb free upgrade in March.(great improvement) I was having ago at BT over an email problem and was told that I needed a modem software upgrade and a driver upgrade to get full performance from 2mb. They sent me the cd's and it now goes like a rocket. Just ring 0800 800 060

  stalion 20:23 08 May 2005

you don't lose your connection but may lose it for a short time when they change it to the new speed

  jolorna 07:53 09 May 2005

thanks for your reply i will give them a ring today

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