Stoneywood 19:53 06 Sep 2007

AOL,my current Broadband Service Provider is sending me up to 2Mb/s, but I have never received more than 1MB/s.

I would like to pay for more.

I phoned the BT Helpline and was told that my line would support 2Mb/s but, “only if your Broadband is supplied by BT”

Question 1.
Why does a line, which I pay rental for, vary in performance, depending on who sends the signal?

Question 2.
I live in an urban area and consider the Broadband performance of my telephone line to be poor. Can this performance be explained and what can I do about it?


  Clapton is God 20:05 06 Sep 2007

click here and put in your phone number or post code and click Check!

On the next page click on BT ADSL at the left-hand side.

The result will tell you how far you are from the exchange and the maximum speed your line can support (irrespective of which ISP you use).

  Stoneywood 17:43 07 Sep 2007

>The result will tell you how far you are from the exchange and the maximum speed your line can support (irrespective of which ISP you use).<

This is interesting. It seems to agree that I should be getting 2Mb/s, but it does not answer my first question ? ? ?

  Clapton is God 18:32 07 Sep 2007

"but it does not answer my first question ? ? ?"

"“only if your Broadband is supplied by BT”"

Because, as I intimated in my post yesterday, I think you'll find that this is a totally unsubtle attempt by BT to sell their own service.

  Mike D 18:54 07 Sep 2007

BT's response might be so because they are saying that they can only guarantee that speed to their customers. Other ISPs might use the same line and be able to give less or even more if thay are willing to offer a less stable connection. Cast your mind back to the good old days of Tiscali. I could barely get 1MB from them even though they promised up to 8Mb, but BT offered up to 4Mb on the same line and delivered it on a consistent basis (it's now up to 7.5Mb consistently). I know from experience that BT staff are not encouraged to say anything about what speed other ISPs will offer other that what the line is capable of supporting.


  Lettervanman 11:46 09 Sep 2007

BT are a law unto themselves.
My download speeds dropped from about 6500kbps to less that 500kbps. 39kbps was the lowest.
My ISP could find no reason and had me changing many settings on my computer, all to no avail.
After asking friends in my town, it became clear that everyone connected to our exchange had a similar problem, regardless of which ISP they used.
This went on for about four weeks,when suddenly things returned to normal.
It was due to work being done at the exchange,but why was this information not available to the various providers.
We could have been saved hours of frustration and many 'phone calls if we had known about it!

  holme 12:36 09 Sep 2007

If you're not with BT, it follows there is no incentive for them to fix things.

We had a very similar experience to that described by Lettervanman - exactly the same numbers, but over a 4 month period (ouch) - except that no one else locally was having probs. Hence it was "obviously" our fault. So we changed absolutely everything; great upheaval and at no little cost. No change...

We could only continue to rattle our ISP's cage and, I think in sheer frustration, they insisted BT did a deep investigation. Funny old thing, they simply did a "lift and drop" (i.e. put us on a different line) - and all problems immediately went away. No explanation from BT, no apology, no refund, or whatever.

So if you have the same probs, request a "lift and drop". It might just make them think you know far more about it than you do (!) and take a bit more notice. :-)

  Lettervanman 17:01 09 Sep 2007

I do take your point,but we pay our chosen provider for a service, and they pay BT,so we should be able to get something done about poor service from BT.
I note what you say and will try this next time I have a similar problem.
My provider said that they could not raise a fault to BT unless my low speeds opened the next page on the BT speed test site,when it did do this I was unable to progress, and so did not log a problem.

  holme 17:47 09 Sep 2007

Couldn't agree more. "My provider said that they could not raise a fault to BT ..."

Thanks for the nudge. Initially we (and our ISP) had problems getting BT even to look at a major problem we had as they have a 'fault threshhold' of (I seem to recall) 5000kbps. Anything above that - and it ain't considered a fault.

So when we kept on asking for an investigation when we were consistently getting only 135-2000kbps on an "Up to 8MB" service, funny old thing, the IP Profile was all-of-a-sudden bumped up to 5000kbps. Therefore no fault, therefore no investigation. Needless to say, it was back to 1000kbps the following day... This happened twice - funny old thing...

BTW all, there's a related & ongoing thread in the Helproom if you're interested, click here

  Stoneywood 15:26 05 Oct 2007

After asking my original two questions to BT, (a letter which remains unanswered,) my BB speed has miraculously doubled to 1834Kb/s

Worth a try?

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