Brumas Unidentified Picture

  zzzz999 20:42 07 Dec 2011

Do any of you remember a photo from an age ago which we all thought was perhaps the Thames near Tower Bridge............well I think I have found it

  wiz-king 21:04 07 Dec 2011

I think you may be correct!

  Bingalau 21:10 07 Dec 2011

I think Brumas will sleep well tonight. If it's correct that is.

  Brumas 22:03 07 Dec 2011

Rick'scafe, By heck, you deserve full marks for perseverance, perspicacity and downright stubborness and two Well Dones. I am pretty confident you have cracked it. click here

  zzzz999 22:04 07 Dec 2011

Oh by jingo, my first ever.

Right, I will be back with a full oscars acceptance speech

  Brumas 22:06 07 Dec 2011

Rick'scafe, how on earth did you manage it??

  Brumas 22:08 07 Dec 2011

Rick'scafe, seeing as your luck is in will you buy me a lottery ticket? ;o}} P.S. They are still looking for Lord Lucan tha knows ;o}}

  Woolwell 22:52 07 Dec 2011

Amazing - well done Rick'scafe

  birdface 23:02 07 Dec 2011

Yes have to agree with the rest.Well done.

  Quickbeam 07:40 08 Dec 2011

Ah, the ghost building one, it didn't click until Brumas re-posted the original.

We really do live the life on here;)

  john bunyan 08:36 08 Dec 2011

Rick'scafe Many congratulations on your perseverance - well done!!

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