Quickbeam 07:04 07 Jan 2010

It's minus 9 degrees Centigrade outside this morning. I've been in this temperature on mountain tops in Britain before, but I've never known it at 50 meters above sea level... it literally takes your breath away!

Brrrrrrr again!

  Picklefactory 08:07 07 Jan 2010

-6° on my car temp gauge this morning, not as cold as yours but the lowest I can remeber it being since I had a car that could tell me.

  Quickbeam 08:39 07 Jan 2010

I hope you put a warm blanket over your car when it told you it was cold...;)

  Picklefactory 09:06 07 Jan 2010

Hot water bottle under the bonnet :o)

  rawprawn 09:46 07 Jan 2010

Minus 6 here in Yorkshire, but according to the weather on my computer it is minus 14 in Knutsford where my daughter lives.
I am going to walk into the village now to get milk, bread, and hopefully something for dinner tonight. I have put on all my winter walking gear so It should be a "Bracing" walk.

  jack 09:52 07 Jan 2010

make sure you can actually stand up first before setting out ;[email protected]

  rawprawn 11:23 07 Jan 2010

Mission accomplished, well partly! Milk and Meat OK but no bread or fresh veg. Never mind liver and onions with mash tonight, can't wait.

  interzone55 12:41 07 Jan 2010

I've had to walk into work for the last 3 days, as the estate where I work is only gritted as far as the M & S depot, then it's like an ice rink the rest of the way.

I live just under 4 miles away and it only takes me 55 minutes to walk in, which stunned me really, as it took me an hour to drive home during the blizzard on Monday afternoon...

  rawprawn 13:36 07 Jan 2010

I admire that kind of commitment, there are so many wimps with so many excuses these days it's good to hear from someone like you.

  bjh 15:37 07 Jan 2010

Well, we've moved house, and are in the midst of a complete rewire and a complete re-plumb... so the heating is non-existent! I'm running a single fan heater in the kitchen when the workmen's supply allows, which isn't often. We think (well, wistfully hope) that electricity will be up and running for part of the house tomorrow, but the central heating is still a few days off.

(I have never been so keen to work long hours but, because of the snow'n'ice, the powers that be want us all to leave early... so I'm hiding in my lab, hoping not to be noticed... shhhh whisper, please...)

  interzone55 16:20 07 Jan 2010

It's funny, I'd never consider walking to work if I didn't have to.

It wouldn't be so bad on a dry day, but I wouldn't want to do it on a rainy day.
I'd love to be able to cycle to work, but on junction I have to go through is scary enough in a car.

Regarding "'evil' employers docking people's pay for not going into work."
We have to either take a day unpaid, or use a day of holiday if it's clear someone hasn't attempted to get in to work.
I'm not sure how this will be policed, maybe if two people live on the same estate and one gets into work and one doesn't...

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