jack O'lantern 08:32 20 Dec 2010

Here I was taking a firstlook of the day for E-mail and anything new on here and elsewhere
Snug in this little den when the gentle background whirr of the fan heater dsuddenly stopped and that acrid smell of something elecrical assailed my nostrils.
Unplugged it - picked it up and hasd a sniff- yup it had died- It has had a good inning I guess at 30 years old Hoover branded.
Ever tried typnig with mittens on?[I know you thought I always had by the state of my text sometimes]

  Quickbeam 08:51 20 Dec 2010

I've never ever experienced such a cold and early winter. I think a lot of items of various sorts will be finished off by thing cold weather before the spring comes.

  Al94 08:59 20 Dec 2010

Some of us might be the items!

  Wilham 10:06 20 Dec 2010

My boiler also gave up up after a good innings, 46 years from new. The model is an Aristocrat Mk 4, it leaks between sections, and has rusted through the ash box.

By luck I rescued a nearly-new, similar one from scrap, back when oil-fired central heating was the rage. Has been in reserve 30+ years.

The present one is running again with a patched ash box until normal weather returns. It is gobbling up anthracite stove nuts in its final days. Like losing an old friend.

  spuds 10:15 20 Dec 2010

I note that the coalition had a bit of an hammering over the weekend, in respect that they are not taking measures for this continued and future bleak period for some folk, mainly the elderly.

  ella33 10:19 20 Dec 2010

I managed to get a new combi through my supplier (pay so much monthly) right at the beginning of the freeze, in late November. It should save on fuel bills, though during this cold weather I really dunno if that will be obvious. To me it is not so much losing an old friend, as gaining a very nice new one. Not saying it to make you envious but there are affordable options about. I had a big drip before!! It all happens this time of the year, of course.

  ella33 11:30 20 Dec 2010

Oh and I have friends who are disabled, or in their 80s, who have had heaters installed from Warm Front and one person recently had a boiler, so there are government initiatives available to help. They send free low energy light bulbs, too.

  spuds 11:55 20 Dec 2010

The Warm Front scheme and many other similar schemes have already ended, or are due to end in the New Year, and no provisions are in place to replace them.

Even local councils grant schemes are under serious reviews due to funding availabilities.

For the elderly, it would appear to be a case of 'hug an elderly neighbour' for their own wellbeing and protection?.

  peter99co 12:27 20 Dec 2010

My daughters friend had a Warmfront installed boiler 5 years ago and said every heating engineer who have been to service it has said how 'cheap' it is. How many people will find problems when these break down and the cash to replace them is not available.

  uk-wizard 12:40 20 Dec 2010

I know that smell - my old electric kettle started fizzling yesterday, a wisp of smoke and the smell of burnt plastic and it has gone to the land of kettles in the sky. And today even more electrical burnt smell, this time a hole in the snow on the pavement and a three hour powercut - 11KV cable nas gone phut.

  ella33 13:01 20 Dec 2010

Yes I know the smell, too, it is hard to avoid something breaking down.

Spuds... OMG, I am still in touch with the people I mentioned but obviously not with politics. I had read your post and assumed you meant there was no cold weather allowance, which usually happens when temperatures drop below zero for over a week. Or used to. I really didn't know there was no more Warmfront. It is quite shocking to think of people's systems breaking down this weather and no help. I can only suggest that suppliers need to have an affordable scheme for people who need heat.

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