Browsing in the garden.....

  Tim1964 00:14 11 Jul 2006

"With a wireless connected laptop you can sit in the garden and surf the net and send emails.........."

Have you actually tried it?

I thought I'd give it a go and even sitting in the shade the screen was impossible to see!!!

Unless my lappy, a Compaq EVO 610C, is set to a 'super dim' setting (the screen, not the user), I can only think it might be slightly brighter when running off the mains, but that's not exactly wireless is it?!?

So a quoted range of 100's of metres is a bit of overkill isn't it, unless you have a 100m living room.

  skidzy 02:52 11 Jul 2006

Ha ha Tim funny you say this,i sat on my fathers day present (wonderful framed Hammock) with the lappy.
After moving around so much trying to see the screen i tipped the hammock up on end with me still on it,my missus thought it was hilarious...tell you this though..............i didnt drop the lappy but banged my head Lol :-)

After all the lappy is priceless,my head isnt :-0

Well so the kids say !!!

  SANTOS7 09:59 11 Jul 2006

* a laptop glare screen which cuts down on the glare caused by the sun.
* a laptop hood which cuts down on the amount of light directed at the laptop display.

could try one of the above click here

  spikeychris 10:06 11 Jul 2006

You have options. I use a bright screen laptop and it works beautifully even in the harshest light. click here for a laptop shade.

click here to create a new display profile that you only use when outside.

Thanks to V the P for the links.

  spuds 11:28 11 Jul 2006

I hope that you have your security and protection set correctly. Wouldn't want the neighbours or 'others' looking in or using your connection :O)))

  Tim1964 15:17 11 Jul 2006


25 euros for a cardboard box with a side cut off!!!!???

They were kidding right?

I'd rather go back indoors than to try and stop the laptop shade from blowing away or at least moving the lappy about as it catched the breeze.


  Forum Editor 18:40 11 Jul 2006

quite late into the evening during the summer. I can see the screen quite clearly as the daylight starts to fade, and it's the most relaxing and peaceful place in which to concentrate.

As night falls we get bats hunting over the pond; fascinating to watch. I have lights in amongst the plants at the pond edge, and they illuminate the bats - they don't seem to mind.

I'll probably be editing the forum from that very spot later tonight.

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