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  interzone55 07:39 28 Mar 2010

On Friday I was finally connected up to O2 broadband at my new house, after many delays due to BT changing the date of my phone line installation.

When I signed up to O2 they thought I'd be able to get 11 mbit/s so I opted for their Premium package at £10 a month.

When connected my link speed was 7.702 mbit/s and reported 6.502 mbit/s.

This morning I got an email off O2 apologising for the lower line speed than expected, which is due to the poor quality of the line from the street cabinet to the house, and suggesting that I might want to drop to their standard 8 meg package saving £2.50 a month.

I swapped package online and my speed immediately increased. The link speed is now 8.123 mbit/s and reports 7.11 mbit/s.

So I get a 10% speed increase for £2.50 less a month...

  Kevscar1 08:06 28 Mar 2010

It is normal for it to take a few days for the connection to settle down and give you optimum speed Nice of O2 to give you the option to drop to lower package.

  morddwyd 08:45 28 Mar 2010

Wish they'd offer me that option.

While I can get 6 meg (8 meg package) at this time of the day, in the evening it drops below 1, sometimes as low as 200 - 300 k with the connection to PCA constantly "timing out".

  Chegs ®™ 17:13 01 Apr 2010

I have changed ISP several times in the last year or two.I am increasingly noticing that the "breather" period where I can cancel I get really fast connections,which gradually decline in speed (especially early evenings) to the point I give up and go do something else.O2 were the worst ISP I experienced this happening(until I switched to TalkTalk,who have bought out Tiscali[another ISP I swore never to venture near)and apparently also incorporate AOL(another ISP I left due to the lousy service)If TalkTalk wasn't so cheap,I'd leave them too and return to Zen,the only ISP I found no fault with their services.

  CurlyWhirly 09:08 02 Apr 2010

I think you are on the Whitehaven exchange - click here

If so you were using O2 Access not O2 LLU (where they have their own equiment in the exchange) and as O2 Access is subject to throttling, no wonder you found the service slow especially at peak times.

I'm on O2 LLU and I can't fault the service.
O2 LLU is as good a service as Zen but at a fraction of the price!

  Monoux 10:07 02 Apr 2010


  Grey Goo 12:45 02 Apr 2010

Anyone on a wireless network and with the correct master socket might want to consider an i-plate. My master socket is not wired as it should be as there are no wires connected to the removeable plate at all, as I had already obtained an i-plate I fitted it anyway and got another 2.5 mbits/s. Now syncs at 13.2-13.5mbits.

  john bunyan 14:43 02 Apr 2010

I am thinking of changing ISP's from Pipex (Tiscali, Talk Talk) on speed grounds and Zen is top of my list because the Which Report gave it a top mark, the tech support is UK, and most important to me I hate signing up to more than a one month rolling contract. Price is a point, but service to me is paramount.Pipex reluctantly kept me on a one month rolling contract when I upgraded to "Up to 8 Mbps" - I get 2 - 5.5. The hassle of e mail change deters me.

  interzone55 17:59 02 Apr 2010

I work round the corner from Zen's new offices and can see where they're spending their huge monthly fees.

Got to say their service is second to none though, we have Zen for one of our BB lines at work at it's been rock solid for the last 4 years. We also have a microwave link to their datacentre for our servers and that's been good as well.

I went for O2 at home because I had it at my previous address and on the two occassions I had to resort to their tech support it was absolutely fantastic, UK based and freephone...

  john bunyan 18:27 02 Apr 2010

Thanks. I will look at O2 but I hate yearly contracts.

  john bunyan 18:45 02 Apr 2010

O2 estimate up mto 19 Mbps and Zen up to 7 Mbps. I suspect O2's figure - if the BT exchange will only support up to 7 -8 Mbps how can O2 offer more? Is this like Building Societies who offer a good rate for the first year to "hoik" you in? Still considering the two as possible alternatives to Pipex. I have no download limit and no idea of my demand - the free bandwidth meters I have looked at do not seem reliable on W7 64 bit. Thanks for your input by the way.

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