Broadband via Sky

  jimv7 09:25 19 Jul 2006
  anskyber 09:59 19 Jul 2006

Yes but you need to be in one of their activated areas. Otherwise its the usual £17 per month routine. Nothing like advertising something you cannot provide is there.

  DrHoliday 10:49 19 Jul 2006

So what are the major flaws in the offer.
I'm in their activation area, but have heard they may have the same problems as carphonewarehouse in that they will not be able to process all the oreders quickly, a back log will appear & that in fact speeds may in fact be lower than peoples current speeds!

Is this broadband delivered via you sky system or by the phone line as some say by both??

  ayrmail 11:59 19 Jul 2006

The 3 offers I have seen all require BT line rental. My question would be why not delivering through satellite I suspect the answer is investment, new satellites or equipment to receive the service in the home.

  anchor 12:24 19 Jul 2006

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  anchor 12:30 19 Jul 2006

I have just received a letter from Sky stating that I am in an area about to be activated.

I guess that other Sky subscribers will receive a similar letter when their area is activated.

I am tied in to my existing ISP until March next year. By then any problems should have worked themselves out. Bearing in mind that the offer is only open to Sky subscribers, the demand might not be as overwhelming at the Carphone Warehouse one, which was open to all.

  Teaboy 17:09 19 Jul 2006

It puzzles me- how can it be free if you first have to be a sky subscriber? Surely to be free there has to be no applied conditions attatched thereto.

  SG Atlantis® 17:43 19 Jul 2006

My status is similar to anchor's. I'll watch that space for the next 11 months until my current ISP contract ends.

  Mr Mistoffelees 19:34 19 Jul 2006

"I haven't looked at the detail but it may be that it's download via satellite but it must be upload via phone. Upload via satellite hasn't really taken off. The cost and the short run between PC and dish are constraints."

Sky are offering conventional ADSL via BT phone-lines.

If, like me, you are in area where they do not plan to install their own equipment you will, again like me, be offered the £17 per month up-to 8Mb service only.

  QuizMan 10:38 21 Jul 2006

Like others above, I am in an area that about to be activated. I've already got Sky & BT. I currently pay £25 pm for NTL broadband, so even if I take the most expensive option @ £10 pm, I shall be £15 pm better off with twice the (theoretical) speed and free set up. Plus, for an extra £5 pm, I get free unlimited landline calls 24/7. There must be a catch somewhere, but as yet I can't see it. The only risk seems to be a price hike once Sky has a captive audience, but it's a risk worth taking.

I suppose there's the inconvenience of having to lose an e-mail address I've had for many years, but it's a minor hassle in the overall scheme of things.

I'm signing up now.

  CurlyWhirly 16:14 21 Jul 2006

"Looks like anti-churn to me.

I think Sky are concerned about losing customers to their TV package."

I think so too as why else would they be going into the broadband market as they are a satellite broadcaster after all?

I no longer have Sky as I changed to Freeview last year due to their regular price increase and showing too many repeats.

Even if I had Sky, I would be very cautious about taking up the offer until more details are known like what the service is really like, what their FUP (Fair Usage Policies) really are on the Unlimited option and what Customer Service and Technical Support is really like!

Having said this, if Sky manage the service well and it really takes off then they can become a big name in the UK broadband market.

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