broadband ISPs passing their customers to BT

  Noelg23 15:07 01 Dec 2004

Hi people. I have a huge problem and its to do with Broadband ISPs. Many of you will have known me for my advice I have given out to people with internet problems especially broadband. well I also happen to work for BT in the faults department and we have been getting a lot of calls from people who have been passed from their ISP to call us about their broadband problem when we only deal with telephone lines. It has got to a point where I now request people who have had this experience whereby they ring their ISP and are being told to ring BT when clearly they dont need to. the people responsible are in fact the ISPs themselves. In other words they are blaming BT for their broadband and this appears to be against the rules as if we were to blame the customers ISP no doubt that ISP will be on the phone to Ofcom. So does it seem fair that BT should be blamed for something that they are not responsible for? I say BT but I mean BT faults and BT sales. The division of BT people should be talking to are in fact BT wholesale and I will admit I dont think BT Wholesale are doing a great deal either. So when a broadband problem arises its between the ISP and BT Wholesale not the customer and BT. I am not saying that all the people who work for these ISPs are all doing it but there is a percentage of them who seem to tell their customers to ring BT before they have even checked their connection status and their setup on their PC and I am sure some of you have been on the receiving end of these actions. If you have had this experience or anything like this I would like to hear from you as I think its about time something was done about it. I use to work at BT Broadband and we always made sure we sorted out a customers broadband connection unless there was something physically wrong with their telephone line. So please do not hesitate to either email me or write your response in the forum so that others can be aware. Thank you for your co-operation people. As I said earlier if anyone in the forums happen to work for any ISP its not a personal dig at you but I am sure you can appreciate where I am coming from with this.

  CurlyWhirly 19:28 01 Dec 2004

I don't have an experience myself with your heading as I don't have ANY problem with my current ISP (AOL) but I am amazed that your thread hasn't received more replies bearing in mind that there are around 30,000 new broadband subscribers every week!
This will 'bump' it up to the top of the list anyway!

  Sir Radfordin 19:45 01 Dec 2004

The problem is everyone you speak to says it isn't their fault. The company I work for has had endless calls from users in London/East Anglia saying they can't get to our website. We know it isn't out problem because over 4000 people were using the bit they were trying to get to. They however insist everything is fine at there end. It turns out the problem lies with Cable and Wireless who is the ISP to a large number of the users in that area.

They will always ring us to find out if we have problems instead of finding out if there is a problem with their connection first.

Passing the buck is something nearly everyone in IT knows how to do...and does it very well.

  Noelg23 20:29 01 Dec 2004

if you go to the helproom you will see the response I got there before I realised I should have put it here...but I need more people...keep them coming....

  CurlyWhirly 20:35 01 Dec 2004

Just been to the Helproom and yes I see what you mean, 27 replies.

  Noelg23 15:31 03 Dec 2004


  Teaboy 17:33 04 Dec 2004

What does bump mean please?

  Diemmess 17:53 04 Dec 2004

Typing anything, even a full stop, will do two things............ [1] Put this thread back to the latest in that particular forum.... [2] Make the thread appear in "My Postings"

  Dorsai 18:45 04 Dec 2004

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for theose who want the other thread.

  Noelg23 17:56 09 Dec 2004

here is a classic people...just had a customer called thru to the BT Faults (where I work). he says his broadband ISP told him to call us. the problem wasnt the fact he couldnt connect cos he could, nothing to do with his phone cos that was working fine, but in fact his Outlook Express wasnt working...yes his Outlook Express! he was getting a series of error numbers beginning with 0x and so on...guess what his ISPs repsonse was? call BT cos the error code is related to line noise! Erm...can someone please explain to me how Outlook Express crashing is linked to line noise when clearly there was none? and since I am not ashamed to say it the customer's ISP is Supanet! now tell me thats an ISP doing its job correctly.

  Mysticnas 11:04 10 Dec 2004


I've been having problems with my ISP, it's up on another post in consumer watch. The connection keeps dropping.

EFH said they side of the problem is fine. they asked BT for a fault report twice, and on both occasions they said everything was fine. On the second occasion BT called me back directly before calling the ISP and told me they say the connection going down and trying to get back up again, said it looked like an authentication problem. (further details in my own thread).

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