Broadband getting cheaper all the time!

  CurlyWhirly 06:29 26 Aug 2004

Broadband is getting cheaper and cheaper as more and more people are upgrading as if you take a look at click here
you will see what I mean!

I know there are dowmload caps but I still think this is excellent value for money and if you do go over your download limit then you can pay a bit more for 'extra' capacity or upgrade your package.
If I am able to get a 1mb service on 6th September 2004 (when BT updates it's online checkers) I will certainly shop around for a good deal!

  mbp 11:04 26 Aug 2004

It should be even cheaper if there was not for vested interests. There are many No Income, Low Income, Low Fixed income pensioners, students, handicapped, unemployed, etc who just cannot afford the extra monthly payments.However, many ISP's are now trying to induce new subscribers by offering such sweeterners as 100 MB free Web hosting, 1 GB mail storage space(actually useless unless you keep every correspondence you send and receive),extra security, higher speeds etc. When the regulators finally realize what a Gold Mine the ISP's are sitting on, they might attempt to clip their wings a bit, after the ISP's have grown old, fat, and wealthy.

  CurlyWhirly 17:42 26 Aug 2004

Yes I agree with your comments but the point I am trying to make is how cheap it is NOW compared to when I first had broadband 15 months ago when I was paying £27.99 for a 512 kbps service and now there is a 1 mb service for only £17.99!
I know this has a download limit but even so this is real value for money IMHO!

  CurlyWhirly 17:45 26 Aug 2004

people who can upgrade to broadband are plain crackers if they choose to stay on dial-up when the broadband services are nearly the same price as dial-up IMHO.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:52 26 Aug 2004

'When the regulators finally realize what a Gold Mine the ISP's are sitting on, they might attempt to clip their wings a bit, after the ISP's have grown old, fat, and wealthy'...may I point out that you do not know what you are talking about and here begineth the first lesson in patition here and click here

I would not run an ISP for a gold pig.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:53 26 Aug 2004

...that'll be 'partition economics'.


  Dan the Confused 18:50 26 Aug 2004

Many less well off people do not have direct debit or credit card facilities either.

  mbp 22:24 26 Aug 2004

Gandalf, I cannot believe that BT entered the ISP Broad Band service for philantropic ideals. I realize that this type of business means huge investments, very sophisticated equipment, sophisticated staff, and a slow buildup of a wide customer base in order to justify the investment.

What I am moaning about is that prices can be more competitive with certain providers, like BT. Bt can reduce their wholesale prices to other ISP providers who can then supply their clients a similar service at a much lower price than BT.(Regulators had to pressurize BT into doing this after lots of complaints, I believe.) So I can only conclude that there is quite a margin in profitability that the sub-contractors to BT are exploiting. Because of competitive pressures BT had to reduce their BB prices by a token amount I feel sure that this should come down even more in the future. £336 p.a. for a 512 kHz connection is more than a TV license, by comparison. Yes I appreciate that it is an operation for the Big Boys Only not for the likes of us.

Take Google, started by two lads in a garage, and now worth Billions. It takes awhile to build up that client base in this business. What will BT stocks be worth in a few years time? Maybe I should buy and stash away a few thousand BT stocks now, eh? My grandchildren will certainly thank me for it. I cannot see how such a previleged institution as BT can possibly go under, can you? The Government will not let it!

  lignum vitae 08:15 28 Aug 2004

With vat added this takes you over £20 a month. Wannadoo is not so cheap when you compare it with Metronet who offer a £10 +vat service.
A metronet fan

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