Brits vote the mobile phone as the best gadget...

  lisa02 13:34 22 Jul 2007

It was in a paper yesterday, the sun I think.

Do you agree?

I'd have said the Digital Camera first and foremost with the mobile' coming second.

'the ones that have everything built into them that is.

  Forum Editor 13:45 22 Jul 2007

and mobile phones about equal in the 'best gadget' stakes.

Both of them must be right up there in the 'most useful innovations' list.

I'm quite keen on photography (note the word 'keen' rather than 'good'), and having a digital camera has changed my life as far as photographic convenience is concerned. My present camera can turn out 1200 images on one battery charge if I use the battery grip. That would have meant lugging almost 3 dozen film cartons around with me in the old days.

As for my mobile phone - I struggle to think how I would manage without it now.

  Pine Man 13:52 22 Jul 2007

Must agree with the FE and even suggest the camera above the phone.

I have been keen on photography since the late 60's and in most of my houses I had a darkroom where I developed and printed all of my photographs. Digital came along and purists, like me, said it would never catch on! It is almost unbelievable now. I go out on a photo shoot and within seconds of returning all of my 'handiwork' is displayed on my PC for everyone to see and most problems are capable of being cured on my PC.


  lisa02 13:55 22 Jul 2007

You know I'd probably agree with what your saying except I find I take more pictures than I do anything else, even with my phone.

Digital photography is the winner in my eyes. For the past lot of years I have tracked, almost daily, my kids growing up with the use of a digital camera.

The cost is the tiniest fraction of what it would have been had it been film cameras.

  Pine Man 13:59 22 Jul 2007

Sorry I'm still a bit of a 'purist' and look down my nose at phone cameras ;-)

  lisa02 14:04 22 Jul 2007

The K810i 9soon to be replaced by the k850i) can compete with most budget P&S models. It suits just fine for small prints and those moments where I don't have a camera to hand.

  lisa02 14:09 22 Jul 2007

Oh Pine Man no need to look down your nose, the screens are just fine. Who uses the 'ye olde' view-finder nowadays?

  Pine Man 14:38 22 Jul 2007

Oh lisa2 I am one of those that use the 'ye olde' viewfinders. Batteries last much, much longer ;-)

But I take your point and will stop 'looking down my nose' at phones and get a (better) life!

  lisa02 14:43 22 Jul 2007

That was my attempt at being funny. <:-)

The view finder is a must, when it comes to buying cameras it's something I want it to have.

  Pine Man 14:46 22 Jul 2007

'That was my attempt at being funny. <:-)'

You haven't seen my nose :-(

  crosstrainer 15:28 22 Jul 2007

I recently purchased 2 digital cameras. One is a Samsung 6.1 megapixel (without viewfinder) and the other a Fuji s5600 (with)

Whilst the little Samsung is a great camera, I find it difficult shooting with the screen.

The viewfinder on the Fuji is great. As to best gadget, I think i'd have to go with the phone (although mines an xda, don't know if that counts)
I would be lost without it, while the camera(s) can be left at home!

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