British Heritage

  morddwyd 20:29 26 Jan 2012

Earlier today I was in the newly opened (opened just this morning) M&S café in Dundee.

While I was there noticed a large hoist up at the top of the room, complete with hook, and longitudinal and lateral rail systems for it to run on.

Conversation with a member of staff revealed that this is the hoist used to lower the engine into Scott’s Discovery (preserved in Dundee), and the hoist itself is a totally protected piece of heritage.

You just never know what is around you.

Sad thing is that there is no indication of this in the building.

Seems a bit of an omission; if you are going to preserve something you really ought to tell people why.

  WhiteTruckMan 20:41 26 Jan 2012

Well if alex salmond has his way it wont be british for much longer, so enjoy it while it lasts!


  wiz-king 21:00 26 Jan 2012

WhiteTruckMan he should be dangling on the hook!

  Condom 22:22 26 Jan 2012


I assume you wrote that with a large smile on your face as you tucked into your pie and chips at a motorway cafe. I just wish they would hurry up and finish the Cutty Sark so it can also sail home :-))

  WhiteTruckMan 22:34 26 Jan 2012

As a professional driver of heavy goods vehicles and part time test pilot for real ale I would like to say that I never eat and type at the same time. It's not big, its not clever and the rewards just aren't worth the risk.


  Woolwell 23:05 26 Jan 2012

There isn't British Heritage. There is English Heritage and Historic Scotland. English Heritage insist on listing building of dubious merit eg Plymouth Civic Centre and then fail to protect some early engineering feats like Drake's leats.

  spuds 23:44 26 Jan 2012

There are many heritage little gems that are hidden away, that are possibly never brought to the public's attention. In the case mentioned in the introduction, you would have thought that M&S would have provided a plaque or something, perhaps more so, if their staff are aware of the importance?.

  Quickbeam 08:12 27 Jan 2012

I wish our council knew what heritage preservation means.

  morddwyd 09:37 27 Jan 2012

"There isn't British Heritage."

What utter rubbish.

English, Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish heritage all form British heritage, just as there is European heritage and world heritage.

For heaven's sake let's get away from this damned tribalism, and recognize there is a wider world, with much to offer.

  badgery 09:56 27 Jan 2012

morddwyd "What utter rubbish."

"There isn't British Heritage"

Not 'rubbish' , but actually correct, the capital letter in your definition was, I assume, what prompted Woolwell's remark.

English Heritage exists, it's an organisation, Historic Scotland also exists.. There appears to be no official organisation called British Heritage.

So your 'rubbishing' of Woolwell's statement was totally incorrect!

  Quickbeam 10:00 27 Jan 2012

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