'British Day' plans scrapped

  Seth Haniel 10:54 27 Oct 2008

Plans for an extra public holiday every year to celebrate Britishness have been abandoned by the government
(Yahoo News)

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:07 27 Oct 2008

One would haver thought that living here would be enough without having to reinforce teh obvious.


  The Brigadier 11:11 27 Oct 2008

Is that not abuse of my European human rights as being a proud English person.

The country under the current government has gone so pc it's crazy!

  Seth Haniel 11:39 27 Oct 2008

use to have Commonwealth Day - Empire Day - both gone - Now British Day bites the dust - St Georges probably next on the agenda :(

I remember the last time thta the acconomy wwas shot way back in 1966 and everyone was rallying with 'I'm Backing Britain' - times have changed

  realist 11:55 27 Oct 2008

I for one am glad the idea has been binned. It's so un-British to "clebrate" being British.

  peter99co 12:33 27 Oct 2008

We can have a Thanks-Giving Day when this lot lose the next election

  Monoux 15:50 27 Oct 2008

I expect a Non British day would have a more favourable outcome the way things are now in GB

  peter99co 16:04 27 Oct 2008

Mr Rosindell, MP for Romford, said he wanted the national day - which he would call Britannia Day - to be the Monday after the Trooping the Colour celebration of the Queen's official birthday in June.

He also accused the government of "hypocrisy" in trying to "promote patriotism... but once they have got the short term publicity they quietly drop the plan".

  Forum Editor 17:33 27 Oct 2008

by all means do so, but please don't be tempted to make references to corruption unless you have conclusive evidence to show that what you say is true.

You can libel a group of people just as much as an individual, and although it's unlikely that the Prime Minister would send us a solicitor's letter I propose to operate the same rule for all. I've just deleted a post that made wildly sweeping allegations of corruption, and any more like that will get the same treatment.

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