British Animal Hero's - last nights TV

  wiz-king 08:24 19 Apr 2013

Was spoilt for me by too many adverts and a presenter whose sycophantic manner grated on my nerves. About 30 minuets of interesting program padded to 2hrs. Anyone else find it that bad?

  morddwyd 08:34 19 Apr 2013

Regarding animals as heroes is like calling cats cruel or sharks merciless.

They are entirely human concepts and are not found outside our species.

Animals do what they are programmed to do.

  Mr Mistoffelees 08:43 19 Apr 2013

I agree with morddwyd, a pointless programme and pointless awards.

  Quickbeam 09:07 19 Apr 2013

British Animal Heroes suggests that there must be an International Animal Heroes yet to come...

  Chronos the 2nd 09:21 19 Apr 2013

Boring TV which is pretty much the norm these days, not forgetting repeats of course.

  fourm member 09:56 19 Apr 2013

I'm sure TV writers have shortcut keys for the phrases 'In tonight's programme...', 'still to come...', 'coming up next...', 'earlier we saw...'

It's a way of making programmes cheaper and, sadly, must be effective in retaining viewers across the advert breaks.

These days, of course, you can't just be a snob and say 'That's commercial television, I only watch the BBC' because BBC programmes are made with one eye on the aftermarket and contain the same devices for when the show gets run every hour on ReallyPickFoodTV.

  Quickbeam 10:45 19 Apr 2013

What channel number does ReallyPickFoodTV go out on Freeview?

  spuds 10:47 19 Apr 2013

I didn't watch the program, which is possibly a change to my normal viewing. But it must have made some people very happy?.

Now to get out a pen and paper, so that I can nominate the animals in our household for some sort of reward or other :O)

Note: I didn't say "my" or "our" animals, they are from rescued sources, and at times I think it may show?.

  Aitchbee 19:44 19 Apr 2013

I take my proverbial hat off to those sensible [brave] thoroughbred racehorses that refuse to go into the stalls at the start of a race or the 'jumpers' that unseat their riders approaching obstacles, when they are not in the mood!

  spuds 21:25 19 Apr 2013


It might pay to see some of those sensible (brave) thoroughbred racehorses, who refuse or do not come up to scratch. Quite a number end up as horsemeat, due to their living costs and expensive vet's bills.

The same might apply to greyhounds.

  rdave13 21:51 19 Apr 2013

morddwyd said " Animals do what they are programmed to do."

So do we as humans. No choice in the matter. We 'think' we're better but who is to judge?

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