British Airways strike dates announced

  [DELETED] 21:29 10 May 2010

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The first strike will begin on 18 May, ending on 22 May, with the three further strikes beginning on 24 May, 30 May and 5 June.

What with Volcanoes and Unions it must be hell trying to leave the sinking ship.

  [DELETED] 21:36 10 May 2010

At least with all the political confusions, it's good to see good old British workers continue as normal!

  Forum Editor 00:13 11 May 2010

of what can happen when a Union loses sight of its primary purpose, and indulges in a campaign of industrial arm-wrestling. Union officials see this as a gladiatorial contest, and totally fail to understand that in the end everyone's a loser.

The fact that the Union has timed its action to coincide with the half terms holiday speaks volumes. Thousands of people, many of them non-BA passengers, are in for a miserable time.

  Cymro. 13:03 11 May 2010

This strike came about by a (eventually) legal ballot of all Union members. The majority of the workers wanted the strike. So the Union had little option but to support it`s members after all the members are the Union. It could be said that this action is more democratic than the state of parliamentary democracy in the UK at present.

As for staging this strike at half term, well the object of any strike is to bring pressure on the management to come to terms and to do so as quickly as possible. So the very best time for such as strike is at holiday time. The more pressure put on the company the sooner the strike will come to an end and so the less long term harm done to all concerned.

  Quickbeam 13:16 11 May 2010

It's also a classic example of shooting yourself in the foot. They should look at what Scargill managed to do to his industry if they want to know what the inevitable result will be.

  Cymro. 13:26 11 May 2010

Yes very true and I am no fan of his but he must have been a godsend to the Tory government of the day and their preplanned agenda and even vendetta for the coal industry.

But macho management should have no place in modern industrial relations. It takes two to start a fright and the BA workers must think they have a grievance to vote so overwhelmingly for strike action that as suggested may do them no good in the long run.

  bremner 14:02 11 May 2010

I sincerely hope that BA stick to their guns and tell the union to go to hell and sack every worker who goes on strike.

The dispute is totally unjustified as the cabin staff are by far the best paid in their industry with so many perks that it beggars belief.

  Cymro. 14:19 11 May 2010

They may have the right to do that and it may indead end up that way.

As for if the dispute is justified or not the workers seem to think it is and have constantly voted accordingly and in a majority that any government would be very glad of.

If they are the "best paid in the industry" is not the point, the point is that BA is trying to reduce their benefits and lets face it no worker would like that.

  [DELETED] 14:26 11 May 2010

The Gatwick cabin crews accepted a deal with Unite's agreement to have lower numbers of cabin crew on flights. I fail to understand why Unite are objecting to the what I gather is the same sort of deal at Heathrow. The new strike seems more about restoring the lost perks of those who went on strike last time and to get back the jobs of those suspended.
I wonder when the cabin crew voted they realised that they would be voting for 20 days of strike with no pay.

  [DELETED] 14:28 11 May 2010

It will be interesting to see the balance sheet when it is next published.

The losses must be enormous.

  Cymro. 14:37 11 May 2010

If they did not realise then they must be even dafter then some on this forum think they are.

As for restoring the lost perks, well why not? If management con victimise workers who take perfectly legal industrial action then why should the workers not try to restore lost perks?

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