British Airways Cabin Crew Lose Travel Perks

  Paul-1379466 22:06 24 Mar 2010

Well done BA!

  Amyfa 22:27 24 Mar 2010

Oh dear

  g0slp 23:28 24 Mar 2010

Quite right - this was NOT contractual, only 'goodwill', so fair play to BA

  spuds 00:23 25 Mar 2010

I wonder if losing perks will be a part for the BA management to consider in their role of saving a company?.

  lotvic 00:28 25 Mar 2010

here is the link you forgot click here

  Labdweller 01:10 25 Mar 2010

"Don't bite the hand that feeds you".. if certain employees are not willing to play nice, then it is very hard to have any sympathy for them. This was a benefit. Bad employees shouldn't get rewarded ;)

  mole44 06:06 25 Mar 2010

To all you at B.A. who went on strike and messed up my travel arrangements,your perks are now gone,so "O dear,how sad,never mind".Thanks to "It ain`t half hot mum" for the quote.

  Quickbeam 06:46 25 Mar 2010

A perfect example of divide and rule in action.
A perfect example of the result of a seventies style of cutting your nose of to spite you face strike, win nothing... lose even more.

I don't have the patience for anyone that believes they should go on strike in a recession, let alone those that only want to strike on a wet Wednesday afternoon because they haven't the balls to risk striking all out for a result they believe in.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 07:42 25 Mar 2010



  bri-an 08:29 25 Mar 2010

Good psychology by Walsh to get the public even more onside.

I wonder if the 'perk' had been, for example, a childcare creche he would have dared remove it? The travel perk presents a mental picture of all the cabin crew in exotic locations - just what management want us to think.

I don't pretend to know all the difficulties of this dispute, but ( just as Maggie and the miners) there are always two sides, and the real ins and outs will not be known for years to come.

  sunnystaines 08:39 25 Mar 2010

well done BA, Just do not go back on it. could be the cure to stop the plague of BA strikes.

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