Britain's got Talent - Connie

  STREETWORK 22:02 11 Jun 2007

Awe common you guys, who saw little 6 year old Connie in Britain's got Talent.

Little miss Perfect rings a bell, and who did not have a tear in their eye....

  Blackhat 23:18 11 Jun 2007

I have so far only seen about 15 minutes of this show, fortunately I did see that six year old girl. WOW, yes I did have a tear in my eye, anyone got a youtube of this performance?

Even Simon said they had found the winner! Pavvi has got serious competition.

  Probabilitydrive 23:36 11 Jun 2007

As cute as she was, her polished and -dare I say - 'as if on rails' performance had very much an American pedigree. The little un's eyes during singing were as expressionless as her mums were slightly manic.

This is moving a bit too close to comfort to those driven individuals who sacrifice their offspring's youth on the altar of glitz and glam. I'm convinced its still a long way to go get close to what happens across the pond but it does have a whiff of 'mums the sword' about it.

  Brumas 23:38 11 Jun 2007

She has a voice which is pitch perfect at 6 years old and is as cute as a button - I reckon it will not be the last we see of her. I only hope she is allowed to grow up naturally and not pressured into becoming a precocious child prodigy.

  TalYasis 11:02 12 Jun 2007

Anyone who knows anything about little 6 years old girls will know that very few of them can sing very well.But,that's all part of their beautiful charm.

Then we witness a rare and highly talented 6 years old singer.Most of us will applaud this sweet talent from someone so young.

However,not many would be strange enough to conclude that Connie was like an American dummy,a sacrificial lamb at the alter of the glam devil and has a sword carrying manic mun who had gone off the rails.

Odd take on someone so young in life!

My girls do drama,dancing,swimming and gymnastics.
Why?, because they are talented and most of all they totally enjoy it.When I add to their coaching advice it's simply because I want to help them and not because I'm a manic dad.

Just watched Pavii on YouTube ,yes another blessed with a natural and amazing talent.

Probabilitydrive ,curious what's driven you!

  Monoux 16:33 12 Jun 2007

Blackhat -- Ask and it shall be given !!
click here=

  pj123 17:27 12 Jun 2007

TalYasis, couldn't find pavvi on youtube. Can you supply a link?

  Forum Editor 17:31 12 Jun 2007

but this girl was stunning, I couldn't believe that such a beautiful voice could come from such a small person. My wife did an Amanda Holden as we watched.

  cream. 17:32 12 Jun 2007

pavvi's great performance click here

  Blackhat 18:14 12 Jun 2007

Thanks for the Connie link, now my wife is crying.

I usualy avoid these sort of programs because due to the 99% of rubbish content but every now and then this happens, I think ITV will actually do well from this in ratings as a lot of people are ranting on about a few realy good performances.

What next?

I decided not to enter as my high speed origami is for a close audience not a big stage.

  Forum Editor 18:19 12 Jun 2007

was interesting - as did Piers Morgan.

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