Brit Awards

  Kevscar1 11:13 17 Feb 2010

Anyone know who that lookalike presenter was.
He looked like Peter Kay
He sounded like Peter Kay
He wasn't funny like Peter Kay

  MAJ 11:31 17 Feb 2010

I didn't watch it Kevscar, but he got Liam Gallagher down pat.

  donki 11:31 17 Feb 2010

I used to really like Peter Kay, loved his legendry "Live in Bolton" DVD. Then I watched him somewhere else and thought thats very similar to his Bolton gig. I have seen him nurmerous times and his style and materal is always the same and i think its starting to show.

I know the Brits are a live event and he had to make sure his material was suitable for the home audience but I too thought he was very poor, a bit like Cheryl Coles miming.

  Kevscar1 11:37 17 Feb 2010

Wife watched I was on comp but telly is right next to me and could hear ot over headphone.
Not one funny line. Told the truth about Gallagher but everybody knows that already. Thought they would have told him not to come and sent the award 2nd class post.

  MAJ 11:50 17 Feb 2010

I'm sorry to hear he wasn't funny, Kevscar, he's one of my favourite comedeians. I'm sure if I had known he was presenting the Brits, I would have watched it and possibly would have been disappointed, but comedy is subjective as you know, what's funny for one isn't for another. Billy Connolly is my favourite, I usually have to watch his shows clutching a GTN spray, others I know can't watch him at all. Stephen Fry, in my opinion, is the only person that should be allowed to present these sort of shows.

  Bingalau 11:57 17 Feb 2010

Billy Connolly would be even better if he refrained from all the bad language. I think he's a damn good actor too. But I will not watch him if he is on TV live.

  Quickbeam 12:01 17 Feb 2010

Terry Wogan's old scepticical Eurovision presentation style would have shown The Brits up for what it is...

  MAJ 12:06 17 Feb 2010

"Terry Wogan's..........."

See what I mean about comedy being subjective, Quickbeam? ;0)

  babybell 12:24 17 Feb 2010

Has always confused me. He is incredibly funny, but why has he not done a stand up tour for 7 years? (I think thats how long its been)

He finally put some dates out there, 4 I think, and he seemed very surprised that they sold out. He seems to lack confidence, which sounds stupid when you say it, but from his interviews that's what he seems like.

Last night he was trying to be funny but the atmosphere wasn't right for it, people were there for a love of music, not for their love of Peter Kay and it feel awkwardly flat in places.

Peter Kay is a observationalist comedian so one liners about Lady Gaga buying her clothes from Ikea, although quite funny I thought, doesn't really suit him.

As a writer I think is where Peter excels himself, with Phoenix Nights and Max & Paddy being brilliant shows.

Here's hoping his tour is a success and relaunches his career.

  MAJ 12:41 17 Feb 2010

"Billy Connolly would be even better if he refrained from all the bad language."

I know where you're coming from, sometimes even I cringe and I'm difficult to offend, 'bad language' by comedians doesn't annoy me, but I do realise it offends a lot of people, but hell he's good.

  Chegs ®™ 14:08 17 Feb 2010

I used to find Peter Kay incredibly funny in the past,but having seen him on TV a few times recently without him raising a smile from me I tend to ignore any shows where he is due to appear(Brit Awards being one)The funniest thing he ever did was inhale helium then start to sing "Danny-Boy" and the most disappointing he did was as "Geraldine McQueen" IMHO.

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