Bring Back The Stamp.... "MADE IN BRITAIN"

  KEITH 1955 12:21 02 Feb 2019

I work for a vending machine company and it is my job to set up and test the machines before they go out to customers. When the recession hit us 10 years ago we had over 120 machines in stock , we NEVER carried stock at that time so the decision was made to half the workforce. For the last 10 years our hours have also been cut to 4 days and 3 days a week repeating. Our workforce now only totals 25 and we cant function with any less staff. We now have a stock of 120 machines again BUT they are only 75% complete because until they are earmarked for a customer we don't know what the final build spec will be.

This week the decision was taken to reduce our hours again to 3 days a week and 2 days a week repeating. My personal circumstances are , no mortgage and I am winding down anyway as I am 64 this year but that is cold comfort to the rest of my workmate , they want to stick by the company but cant afford to.

The director who runs the company ( the owner rarely talks to us ) says there are 2 things killing us cheap Italian imports and yes you've guessed it BREXIT.

The vending industry country wide is being strangled by some Italian machines that are 90% plastic and dirt cheap , you can even get free machines if you sign a contract to use their product. You will have made good profit from these machines but after 2 years you will be throwing them away. By the way , a lot of them can only make 1 type of drink.

The director also said that customers are not spending money with us or other people in the vending industry due to the uncertainty of BREXIT. He said he has asked WHAT uncertainty and none of them gave him a direct answer.

If and when we leave Europe this is what I would like to see , I want lots of countries to refuse to sell us goods or bang up the prices so we say up yours. The next step would be TO MAKE THE DAMN THINGS OURSELVES.

It would not happen overnight for things to be made stamped MADE IN ENGALND but , we dug deep during and after world war 2 so why not now.

  Menzie 01:29 03 Feb 2019

Correction: I think the Arm CPUs were introduced in the 80s.

Point still stands that Britain does design some great things. Even if they are technically built elsewhere.

Dyson for instance seems to be the hoover that everyone wants worldwide.

  Quickbeam 06:03 03 Feb 2019

I was looking up the original I'm Backing Britain campaign that most of us will remember, but this 2011 piece is more telling in it's failings for that and subsequent attempts.

  Quickbeam 06:24 03 Feb 2019

"Back then all the vehicles were British."

Made from steel sheet rolled at the Tinsley Rolling Mills, assembled in the midlands using locally sources components. Lucas electrics, Dunlop tyres from Fort Dunlop. Gears cut by specialist gear cutters in the Midlands. Engine castings also cast in the Midlands, etc, etc...

That's all gone now apart from assembly lines that assemble from globally soured components within the EU. And with Nissan expected (although they take care to not be associated with the Brexit arguments) to announce that previously planned new line investment will not now go ahead, we are likely to see the demise of our high skill auto industry over the coming years if we Brexit badly.

On the other hand, your vending machine company may well benefit from any tariffs placed on Italian vending machines if we Brexit badly.

But that will be small compensation compared to industries that have whole regions economically dependant on their presence!

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