Brilliant. Not as thick...

  canarieslover 19:20 07 Mar 2010
Locked people would believe. I hope the boys appreciate it when they get older.
click here

  sunnystaines 19:48 07 Mar 2010

glad its gone to the kids, had it gone elsewhere might have been wasted on drugs.

amazing that she made 3m from big brother

  Strawballs 22:35 07 Mar 2010

Most of the money came from the program she made while she was dying not so much from BB

  Forum Editor 22:53 07 Mar 2010

makes me realise that she wasn't as stupid as a lot of people believed.

  Input Overload 08:09 08 Mar 2010

I hope the Volkswagen needs lots of work on the next MOT.

  canarieslover 08:18 08 Mar 2010

Nice one!!

  Flak999 12:42 08 Mar 2010

Tax avoidance is a duty, tax evasion is a crime!

  carver 17:31 08 Mar 2010

I just hope that some of the people who spent so much time pulling her down about the things she did for her children now realise she was a lot smarter than they realised or gave her credit for.

  Forum Editor 18:32 08 Mar 2010

'Nice one', and for some reason I had that feeling when I read this story. Jade wasn't everyone's cup of tea, but there was something about her irrepressible spirit that appealed to me. She made what she could of her life, and I hope her sons grow up remembering that she came up trumps for them at the end.

  g0slp 23:17 08 Mar 2010

Well said, FE

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