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  rickf 20:28 07 May 2017

With Emmanuel Macron's victory it appears that getting a "good deal" has just become even more difficult given what he has said about the UK leaving the EU. I fear it's now more than likely that we'll crash out w/o a deal and TM own prophecy has come back to bite in the .......

  wee eddie 20:48 07 May 2017

It fascinates me how little of the process of negotiating is understood by the UK Press. Each participant wants to gain maximum benefit for their cause.

That is what all the posturing is about. Eventually they will shake hands, profess that they shouldn't have given up such and such, then have a huge Civic Reception

  Govan1x 21:15 07 May 2017

The way I see it all the intimidation about the Uk having to pay billions to leave the EU in the last week or so.

Maybe it was not meant for us but for the Voters in France so that they would vote accordingly and not be punished for leaving also.

Think maybe I have to much spare time in my hands. It was only a thought.

  Forum Editor 22:34 07 May 2017

"I fear it's now more than likely that we'll crash out w/o a deal"

I see no reason to make that assumption. Macron doesn't have a single MP in the French national assembly, and as Belatucadrus says, the big question is how many he will have after the June elections.

Things that are said by presidential candidates are not always the things that come to pass in the end.

  morddwyd 09:58 08 May 2017

What a piece of nonsense.

Does anyone seriously believe that anyone in France, from the far left to the far right, is going to do anything else but make things as difficult as possible for us?

What if the positions were reversed? Would anyone in this country be seeking to make things easier for France?

Not for nothing is France called "The Auld Alliance" north of the border.

Expect to see lots of overtures after the election and post Brexit!

  Forum Editor 08:06 09 May 2017

"What a piece of nonsense."


I was responding to the comment that Macron's election makes it more likely that we will "crash out w/o a deal".

It does not make it more likely at all.

I didn't say that Macron wouldn't make things difficult for us - lots of people will try to do that.

I suggest that you read a response properly before calling it a 'piece of nonsense'.

  morddwyd 09:02 09 May 2017


Apologies, my "nonsense" comment was not prompted by your response, but by the but by the thread itself!

  Forum Editor 11:14 09 May 2017


Thanks for the clarification. No harm done.

  Govan1x 23:48 19 Jun 2017

Personally I would have thought that they would have waited till the government were officially elected on Wednesday before beginning.

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