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Brexit deal agreed today news

  x13 13:21 17 Oct 2019

Now I suppose that the hard work begins.

  Gordon Freeman 13:29 17 Oct 2019

Was there supposed to be a link x13?

  x13 13:38 17 Oct 2019

There's this one - Link

  x13 13:39 17 Oct 2019

Live on the news now.

  john bunyan 14:02 17 Oct 2019

With the DUP, Labour, SNP and Lib Dem’s voting against it on Saturday, it will only get through Parliament if the ERG , the “no whip “ Tories and quite a few Labour MP’s vote for it.

It is getting tedious

  Quickbeam 16:16 17 Oct 2019

Just sign on the line and move on with it, or drop it totally...

  Dunk 21:21 17 Oct 2019

Indeed, revoke seems to be the best option.

  Govan1x 23:34 17 Oct 2019

All doom and gloom just now but we will have to wait till saturday for the final result.

Any MP who votes against the deal from a leave constituency may well find it hard to get re elected at the Next general Election.

Also what happens if the EU says October the 31st is the deadline and there will be no more extensions.

A lot of iffs and buts but it is going to be interesting.

I must admit the chances of boris winning this vote would be highly unlikely.

But maybe just enough MP's maybe thinking what we are all thinking. lets get this over and done by, And vote accordingly. Methinks this is what Boris is hoping for.

i wonder if Boris was to Give the DUP another 5 billion to spend on roads or roundabouts whether they would change their way of thinking. probably.

  Quickbeam 06:52 18 Oct 2019

It's said liat the DUP are the sacrificial lamb of Boris's deal.

I don't have a problem with that, the DUP are an unrepresentative has been party that can't see the new growth of change through the deadwood of they're own past.

However Brexit ramp out, does anyone not consider that the reunification of Ireland is inevitable within the next 20ish years?

  Govan1x 08:08 18 Oct 2019

Independent vote shows that 51 % of northern ireland want a united ireland.That was on one of the news channels yesterday.

  Quickbeam 08:16 18 Oct 2019

At 51%, that's quite a sea change from a few years ago.

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