Breaking News, largest us army recall since 1941!

  Seth Haniel 12:25 19 Nov 2008

Stemming from an interview on RBN by John Stadmiller with John Moore.

click here

ALL RETIRED OFFICERS are being recalled

  sunnystaines 13:52 19 Nov 2008

web page tried to install something,logged out a bit sharp.

  Seth Haniel 14:09 19 Nov 2008

of US officers being recalled - and an email confirmation from an American friend (US army retired) whom I contacted to see if he had heard anything.

in terms they have to do a minimum of 3 years except if they have or are near the 30 years military life -

the link is to a 2 hour radio broadcast with the relevant piece being in the 2nd hour

  sunnystaines 18:48 19 Nov 2008



  birdface 22:12 19 Nov 2008

Something about it wanting to download Shockware Player 11 from Adobe.

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