Breaking News - Insider Scoop!

  Brumas 15:04 12 Dec 2014

Centuries of anonymity, closed doors and total secrecy have finally been overcome as identities of senior PCAdvisor top management are finally revealed!

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Forum Editor was ‘unavailable for comment’ as the media highlighted the hitherto unknown identities of the Movers and Shakers of Euston Road and would not confirm he was one of the Super Seven portrayed in the picture, hastily snapped with long range lens, whilst surveying their latest project. Unfortunately the photographer was horse-whipped within an inch of his life before he could spill the beans, and is now convalescing in recently opened Florence Nightingale Hospital for Poorly Paparazzi ;o} As the forum was pretty quiet I thought I would bring a smile to you all ;o} My Apologies to those erstwhile Co-operative Jubilee Members Committee of 1910

  Belatucadrus 16:40 12 Dec 2014

The tent in the background contains the latest portable computer the iAbacus, plus the traction engine required to power it. Apparently digital revolution delayed by IDGs unfortunate conviction that electricity would never catch on and gas was the power of the future.

  Brumas 17:57 12 Dec 2014

Latest news received by carrier pigeon seems to indicate that the location was actually the site of Britain's first, innovative operating system, Field an open workspace without Windows.

The marquee was actually the forerunner of iCloud and was called InTents for that intense computing experiance however the sponsors, Barnum and Bailey thought their phrase One Spawn every Minute was more appropriate ;o}

  Forum Editor 17:57 12 Dec 2014


I'm the one who took the photo - my privacy is preserved.

  Brumas 17:58 12 Dec 2014

Jock1e, unfortunately not and it is a bit too vague to use as an IL/TP ;o}

  Brumas 18:00 12 Dec 2014

Forum Editor, I just knew you would come up with that answer!!

  Forum Editor 18:00 12 Dec 2014

"Does it say where the photos was taken"

In the garden of a colleague. He lives in the tent - we get paid a pittance, but the clothing allowance enables us to dress to suit the occasion. We were having a staff picnic.

  Brumas 18:48 12 Dec 2014

Forum Editor I must admit, that made me chuckle :o}

  iscanut 20:04 12 Dec 2014

Looks more like the Peaky Blinders !

  amonra 20:05 12 Dec 2014

Chap in the flat cap (top right) looks a bit out of place, perhaps he's the lad who bought the latest iPlayer ?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:19 12 Dec 2014

Not a Mac in sight, a bright day before the unification?

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