Brazilian Mint Tea

  morddwyd 09:23 25 Apr 2010

Anyone know where I can buy some Brazilian Mint Tea?

I know why I want it, and it must be Brazilian, and must be mint (which is, incidentally, quite unlike normal mint tea).

  sunnystaines 09:45 25 Apr 2010
  wee eddie 10:33 25 Apr 2010

That you may have have confused 'mate' with 'mint'

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  Forum Editor 11:40 25 Apr 2010

because you've read that it has medicinal properties.

It's used as a painkiller in Brazil,not as a refreshing drink, because it isn't - my wife loves mint tea (we make it from our garden mint), and she once made the mistake of asking our Brazilian hotel's room service for some. It tasted absolutely foul, and later that evening the receptionist asked if my wife was feeling better. As I talked to her the penny dropped - their mint tea isn't what we know as mint tea at all.

  wee eddie 13:04 25 Apr 2010

Well done, I've just learnt a little more about Teas & Infusions.

  Forum Editor 13:23 25 Apr 2010

My wife is a walking encyclopaedia on the subject - I claim no credit. Although she's not by any means a herbal medicine expert she occasionally suggests that some of her patients to drink this or that herbal tea, she says they can sometimes sooth jumpy people.

  john bunyan 13:33 25 Apr 2010

My wife is an avid herbal tea drinker too . For some time her favourite has been Pomegranite.
I like Chinese green tea whilst in the dispera (such as Malasia) where fresh leaves are more easily available (you need 2 teapots). The dried version is not the same, somehow.

  sunnystaines 13:47 25 Apr 2010

moroccan spearmint tea is very refreshing.

also a tea made from liquice root but not seen that in the uk.

  anchor 14:01 25 Apr 2010

I must confess this is a new one to me; More info on its analgesic properties here:

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click here

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I have no idea where is might be obtained outside of Brazil.

  Forum Editor 14:12 25 Apr 2010

Apparently it's not just Brazilian mint.

According to the oracle (my wife) oil of peppermint is well-known as an analgesic. It also has anaesthetic properties, is antiseptic, an astringent, a decongestant, and a stimulant. It's the stimulant part she enjoys in her mint tea.

We have great swathes of peppermint and spearmint in the garden, In the summer we chop the leaves up into small pieces and immediately freeze them in ice cube trays. We make lots of trays and keep them in the freezer - each cube makes my wife's two evening cups of mint tea, and we usually have enough to keep her going through most of the winter, augmented by shop-bought mint tea bags if she runs out.

  morddwyd 14:56 25 Apr 2010

"The paucity of information"

How much information do you need?

I did try to make it as clear as possible.

I would like to get hold of some Brazilian Mint Tea.

I know why I want it, and it must be Brazilian, and it must be mint, and yes, I know it is nothing like mint tea, which is a wonderfully refreshing digestive, but is not what I want on this occasion.

I want some Brazilian Mint tea.

I know that I can get it in Brazil, but that's a big place and would appreciate a little more detail on where and from whom.

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