Brainless idiots

  carver 15:40 16 Oct 2009

I know that some times you can not avoid splashing people but these two should both be banned click here

She should be banned for doing the driving and him for goading her into it. And if you are then stupid enough to put the incident onto you tube they should both be made to stand at the side of a puddle every time it rains for 12 months so they can have the same treatment.

  kidsis 15:43 16 Oct 2009

"they should both be made to stand at the side of a puddle every time it rains for 12 months so they can have the same treatment"

can I drive by them please?

  carver 15:49 16 Oct 2009

After me.

  wiz-king 15:49 16 Oct 2009

Better idea! Lets get WTM to do it.

  johndrew 15:56 16 Oct 2009

Technically, driving through a puddle and splashing pedestrians constitutes driving without due care and attention. In this instance I would suggest that assault could easily be added, perhaps with reckless driving as the vehicle was being driven in a manner liable to cause injury.

Such idiots need the full weight of the law applied, perhaps including being made to watch as the car is crushed. They should then be placed on a register to which all insurance agencies/companies had an automatic link. It would appear to be the only way of causing a spark of common sense to trigger in their tiny brains.

  crosstrainer 15:59 16 Oct 2009

But is there an actual offence here? I know the road was clear on the other side, and that she was "Put up to it", but if oncoming traffic had prevented her from swerving to avoid the puddle, then she would have hit it anyway....At a much slower speed though, because she certainly looks as though she's doing well over 30 from the clip.

  Woolwell 16:05 16 Oct 2009

There are reports that the children were actually trying to get splashed and encouraging drivers to do it.
Having said that she shouldn't have done it as she could have lost control of the car when it hit the puddle.
I know that stretch of road.

  al's left peg 18:13 16 Oct 2009

Pity there had not been a broken drain cover under the puddle, and damaged her car!!!

  Kevscar1 18:57 16 Oct 2009

forum member
You don't want those videos stopped thats how these idiots are found and prosecuted.

  carver 20:19 16 Oct 2009

That is censorship at it's worse form, usually promoted by people who want to control what you can and cannot see, who or what idiot would want the job of looking at every thing posted and then he or it deciding if some one else could also look at it.

If some one wants to put some thing on the net that gets them arrested, then long live freedom.

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