Brain training

  Pineman100 12:33 21 Apr 2010

There's apparently a programme tonight on BBC1 that refutes the idea that some computer-based mental exercises can keep your brain alert and healthy.

How do I know this? Because it's been telegraphed in all of the news media, far and wide - presumably as a result of advance publicity from the BBC.

So, now we know the outcome of the tests used to ascertain this fact - what's the point of the programme?

  jack 08:57 22 Apr 2010

Something of greater interest to me on another channel and I was already recording NCSI - that 'Comedy with blood' to which I seem to have become addicted to of late.
But 'Brain training' is one thing and increasing intelligence is something else.
Striving to do a task - say The Times crossword -and becoming more proficient at it at you progress and 'getting under the skin' of the compiler[s] is brain training.
Being able to comprehend a crossword at all is intelligence[or lack of as in my case]

  galecary 09:35 22 Apr 2010

I agree with Jack.

  Pineman100 10:19 22 Apr 2010

"not everyone would have seen the articles"

Of course that's true. But a substantial part of the potential audience *will* have seen them. So they'll be watching an investigation whose outcome they already know.

"Come and enjoy Bert Bloggs' latest mystery thriller. The butler did it."

I see this as part of a wider pattern of "pre-releasing" information, nowadays. If a politician is going to make an important speech, it seems that the entire text of that speech will be released to the Press before a word of it has been uttered.

"Gordon Brown will tonight tell the Institute of Snib Valve Assessors that.....".

I just don't see the point.

  jack 11:05 22 Apr 2010

Preacher in the Amarican 'bible beelt' who when asked how he got is message across said
1, I tell them what I am going to Tell them'
2, I tell them
3, I tell them what I told them

Then they know!

  Pineman100 11:18 22 Apr 2010

Yes, Jack, that's one of the basic tenets of training. And when it's all part of the same speech/presentation, it works well.

But it's not quite the same as releasing the text of a political speech, or the results of a TV investigation, days before the event.

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