karmgord 18:23 05 Jun 2010

Should BP pay out shareholder dividends or use the money to compensate those caught up in the oil spill?

  spuds 21:02 05 Jun 2010

Considering that there is already moaning from shareholder pension funds, and moaning from environmentalists. Then BP is in for a very rocky ride.

I am surprised that BP fuel stations and depots haven't had protester visits!.

  rdave13 21:18 05 Jun 2010

I'm of the opinion that if this hadn't happened to BP then it would have eventually happened to another company. Our insatiable demand for oil means we are all part of this problem.
As fourm member says, if BP can do both then what is the problem.
BP might be in for a rocky ride but they are certainly not sitting on their laurels but doing everything possible to stem the flow of that crude oil.
They will eventually 'plug' it I'm sure and will fork out the necessary compensation, and more, no doubt, and face the cost of the clean-up.

  Forum Editor 21:35 05 Jun 2010

that this kind of well-head accident has happened before, in fact it's happened quite a few times. The difference with this one is that people were killed, and it happened a a greater depth than ever before.

It may happen again, who knows? As rdave13 says, if it hadn't been BP it would eventually have happened at some other oil platform, operated by another company.

  Forum Editor 23:39 05 Jun 2010

for suggesting it, but could it be that Barak Obama is secretly rejoicing that he has been given the chance to be on TV kneeling on an oily beach, and saying stirring things about how a nasty old foreign oil company is going to be made to pay for what's happening on good old America's shores?

I should be ashamed of my cynicism, I know, but I keep thinking of the way that the White House aides must be working overtime to think of ways to get their man some extra popularity points out of all this.

  rdave13 23:59 05 Jun 2010

It must be annoying for the President that when he complained that BP was still paying its shareholders dividends and BP made no complaints about paying, something like sixty-nine million dollars, for the first stage of the clean-up , as he really had no noise to make?
Quibbling that the company was still paying its shareholders and would possibly not pay the full cost of the disaster shows a waffler making nice sounding music for the people.
Possibly stirring resentment. Listening to radio 4 he seems to be an angel without wings. Keeps battering BP as if they will not live up to expectations where BP do so financially and otherwise and quietly.
Obama might need to tread carefully I think as this might just turn and unglorify his boring, unreal, speeches.

  rdave13 00:38 06 Jun 2010

click here

Obama said the spill represented a profound and avoidable wrong that was now devastating fishermen and others who make their living in the tourism industry."
So they use sailing vessels to navigate the seas and pushbikes, oiled by animal fat, to roam the roads.
Is it me or do I see someone who is a hypocrite?

  spuds 01:15 06 Jun 2010

Even the good olde USA have spin doctor's, and no doubt the President (past, present and future) are no different to our politicians at the time of distress ;o)

  rdave13 01:36 06 Jun 2010

Possibly but I think the Americans had higher hopes of this one. I did originally but somethings stay the same.

  morddwyd 08:43 06 Jun 2010

If they don't pay their shareholders investment will dry up, the share price will fall, and a downward spiral into receivership will start, which I first mooted three weeks ago

click here

Obama knows this very well, but there's no mileage in it.

  Admiral Allstar 09:29 06 Jun 2010

given that the fault of this disaster is american (NOT BP) then i see no reason why BP should not pay their dividend.

BP magnanimously (spelling??) stated they would pay for the costs of cleaning up the disaster. All this whinging by Obama et al is really brit bashing for no reason other than to cover up the fact that American companies, people etc are at fault. BP will eventually recover the funds through the courts in a few years when they sue the owners of the rig.

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