Pine Man 19:22 17 Jun 2007

Does anybody know of any legal sport where the specific intention is to deliberately injure your opponent other than boxing.

As far as I am concerned wrestling isn't a sport!!

  VoG II 19:38 17 Jun 2007

Um, one or two click here

  laurie53 19:46 17 Jun 2007

Not just to injure him, but to render him senseless and/or incapable of defending himself.

  hzhzhzhz 20:01 17 Jun 2007

Ban Boxing,ban the TT races,ban everything thats likely to end in a person getting even a minor scratch. Then the "no life" squad might be happy.

  Ranger 20:13 17 Jun 2007

I have never really seen the attraction as a sport to two guys knocking lumps out of one another, you can see it most weekends in any large city :¬)although I must admit when I was younger I used to like Cassius Clay, but this may be down to the fact I have a picture of him holding me as a baby with my Mother when he visited a maternity hospital in Glasgow many moons ago

  interzone55 21:00 17 Jun 2007

I think we should have more amateur boxing clubs, it teaches kinds discipline, works out their aggression and keeps em off the streets.

Amir Khan is a positive role model to many people (apart from his dubious driving).
Ricky Hatton is also a good person to look up to, and he's a thoroughly decent bloke

  Stuartli 22:59 17 Jun 2007

Some of the things that rugby union (not League) players get up to is certainly not sportsmanlike....

  Stuartli 23:00 17 Jun 2007

There's wrestling and there's wrestling.

Amateur wrestling is very skilful.

  Forum Editor 23:07 17 Jun 2007

years ago, it's barbaric, and how anything which rewards people for deliberately trying to knock an opponent unconcious can ever claim to be a 'sport' is a mystery to me.

Ban it, and let's start behaving as if we're a civilised society, rather than just pretending.

  Strawballs 23:15 17 Jun 2007

I think that you will find that the "dubious driving" was Naseem Hamed

  Forum Editor 23:26 17 Jun 2007

Indeed it was, and he certainly doesn't qualify as a positive role model for anyone.

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