bosch boiler and installation cost.

  rickf 17:58 24 Apr 2016

I have been quoted £3100 for a Bosch boiler with filter system , that,s supply and fitted, 2 men one day job. Because its a condensing system he needs to run a pipe via the bathroom to the outlet. He is a Bosch accredited installer and it comes with a 10 year warranty. Do people think its a fair price? He seems like a genuine tradesperson and he does Bosch boilers only. Reason for getting opinions is I was thinking of spending £2500 max.

  bumpkin 19:09 27 Apr 2016

Ad I said like for like, does your ex,s quote include the filter an 10yrs parts and labour guarantee.

  bumpkin 19:17 27 Apr 2016

Ad= As

  rickf 13:14 28 Apr 2016

bumpkin thanks. I am getting another quote tomorrow from another worcester approved intsaller. Unfortunately, my ex's installer wouldnb't come to Oxford.

  rickf 19:37 29 Apr 2016

Just an update which people may find very interesting. I am over the moon. At last a very competent honest worcester bosch approved installer. The quote is over a £1000 cheaper at £2300 with all same components. First quote I had was for £3100, second wanted £3500 for a Vaillant eco tec plus. What is this world coming to with people like that around? Is it a wonder that people don't trust trades people?? So be careful people and not be too trusting. I think most of these people try to take advantage of your plight not having heat or hot water. They play on your vulnerabilities. Its just downright immoral. Anyway, installation starts on Monday. Thanks for all the feedbacks I got from here.

  bumpkin 19:52 29 Apr 2016

Sounds too good to be true but I hope it all goes well and you get yourself a bargain.

  rickf 19:58 29 Apr 2016

Have done my research and he comes highly recommended. I use a site called StreetLife and people recommended him highly regarding competitive pricing, expertise etc' etc. He took the trouble to explain everything to me and was not tetchy when I asked questions. Just straight forward.

  rickf 20:14 02 May 2016

Just to update. Guy turned up promptly at 8am. Did the whole thing in 6hrs. Tidied up and hoovered the place. Showed me how to work the digital programmer and we parted company. Very nice experience. Boiler working really nicely and I never knew my rads and water could be so hot. Thanks everyone who posted. Cheers.

  bumpkin 20:52 02 May 2016

Good result rick.

  Forum Editor 20:54 02 May 2016

The price was almost exactly what I thought it should be, and you have had a good experience. I'm delighted,

  oresome 15:53 11 May 2016

With reference to an earlier reply by the FE, note that new consumer law came out in 2015. Consumer Rights Act 2015.

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