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bosch boiler and installation cost.

  rickf 17:58 24 Apr 2016

I have been quoted £3100 for a Bosch boiler with filter system , that,s supply and fitted, 2 men one day job. Because its a condensing system he needs to run a pipe via the bathroom to the outlet. He is a Bosch accredited installer and it comes with a 10 year warranty. Do people think its a fair price? He seems like a genuine tradesperson and he does Bosch boilers only. Reason for getting opinions is I was thinking of spending £2500 max.

  lotvic 18:14 24 Apr 2016

Glad you asked that, I'll need new in near future, been looking for a costing.

You can compare past job prices (allow for passage of time/inflation) and areas on What Price click here

  lotvic 18:24 24 Apr 2016

Whoops, I only meant to paste the link to the Home Page as from there you can click on the Pricing Tool and get a breakdown of average costs for all sorts of jobs.

  Bazzaman 18:40 24 Apr 2016

What capacity (in kilowatts) is the boiler? And will it be a combi boiler (and if so, is the existing one a combi)?

Also, is it a "system" boiler (that will have the pump and various other gubbins inside the boiler cabinet)? That would push the price up.

I paid £1800 six years ago for a Remeha 18V (approx. 18kw) condensing boiler (not combi, not system) to replace an v. old Potterton Neatheat on a like pretty much for like basis. Apart from fitting the boiler the only additional work was a power flush (which is always done these days), fitting a Magnaclean, fitting a room thermostat (didn't have one before) and re jigging the wiring so the the pump could be made to over-run once the central heating or hot water heating had cut-out. £1800 was the complete job including VAT (and that's in London to boot).

  hssutton 18:45 24 Apr 2016

Thew engineer who came to sort out a problem for me quoted £2500 for the same boiler, but I think the warranty was for 5 years.

  exprog 18:50 24 Apr 2016

I had a Worcester boiler fitted about two years ago. This meant relocating the boiler from the garage to the airing cupboard on the first floor, after removing the hot water tank from the cupboard.. This was a condensing boiler, and the outlet was taken thru the roof. Total cost was £2400. I think the price will vary depending on the required output of the boiler, and the area you live in. I will also add that this boiler was fitted by an approved Worcester fitter,whose main work was fitting Worcester boilers and/or central heating, and came with 9 years warranty. I live in Gloucestershire.

  rickf 18:52 24 Apr 2016

Hi Its a Bosch Green star 29CDi Classic+ Worcester Comfort II Programmer+ Worcester System Filter+ an extra length of pipe for the condensing element in the boiler required in all new Combi Boilers. This means a bit of extra work to run the extra pipe through the bathroom to the outlet. My present one is a combi too, the dreaded Baxi, but but not condensing. Incidently I am in Oxford and it seems everything is expensive, sometime more than London prices. So its £3100 inclusive of VAT. It seems to me slightly on the high side but everytning will be done properly including registration in compliance with building regulations.

  rickf 18:53 24 Apr 2016

For info: Warranty is increased to 10 yrs if System Filter is fitted.

  OTT_B 19:09 24 Apr 2016

I've got a friend who's a self employed plumber. He told me one day that he used to rarely get work he quoted for for fitting boilers - apparently he was too cheap. So he raised his prices from around a grand to about three grand (at trade prices, boilers cost from as little as £150), and suddenly people started accepting the quotes.

£3.5k, even for a brand name boiler, seems massively over priced. Shop around. A lot.

  bumpkin 19:28 24 Apr 2016

It sounds a fair price to me having read your details.

OTT_B, OP stated £3.1K not £3.5K.

  rickf 19:39 24 Apr 2016

Yes, I am beginning to be swayed as I don't have to worry about it for the n3xt 10 yrs as parts and labour are covered.

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