Bosch AXT Rapid 200 garden shredder

  Brumas 20:01 17 Aug 2014

Went to the car boot sale in Berwick this morning and picked up, what was for me, the bargain of the year.This nice old couple were down-sizing and moving to a managed flat with no garden and were getting rid of a lot of things they would no longer need.

The shredder looked in fair condition and he was asking £25, I only had £15.60 left so I cheekily asked him if he would take that for it and, blow me down, he said yes so I nearly bit his hand off!

Getting to the point, it works fine and I shall buy a genuine replacement blade for it but what I would like to know is how I clean it up a bit, the manual isn't much help?

I thought a rag dipped in paraffin for the metalwork housing the blade then a spray of WD-40 but I am not sure how to clean up the hard plastic body and the discharge chute which is a bit mangy ?

  carver 20:30 17 Aug 2014

Brumas you want something like this enter link description here, I'm not saying buy that particular product just some thing like it even this enter link description here would do the job with a bit of elbow grease.

These are designed to remove grime without destroying the surface.

Don't use anything that will scratch the plastic such as household cleaner as most contain a product that can harm plastic.

  Aitchbee 21:14 17 Aug 2014

A powerful hair-dryer at maximum heat [warp factor 9] aimed carefully at offending 'mangy' bits on the plastic casing might help to loosen the worst of it, then use a kitchen washing-up tool [like a brush] dipped in a warm solution [but not too hot or you will melt the bristles] of Fairy Liquid solution. [Leave overnight and/or repeat the above procedure till everything is tickety-boo.]

  Brumas 21:39 17 Aug 2014

Thanks guys, something to ponder over, I have all the time in the world so I am not in a hurry.

  BT 07:58 18 Aug 2014

Homebase sell a spray of uPVC cleaner intended for window frames etc. I have some similar stuff from Coopers which does a marvellous job on the window frames. Just spray it on and the dirt just runs off. Finish with some soapy water and dry off and they look like new. So might be worth a try.

  Brumas 09:06 18 Aug 2014

BT, thanks, I do believe we have some off the at the back of the cupboard. Also, I think I might ring Bosch, if they have a UK number, they'll surely put me right.

  spuds 10:10 18 Aug 2014


Reading this post, I checked on the Ebay website,using your model information, and some interesting items came up, including spare blades for your particular model at £29.99?.

Perhaps a quick look on Ebay, might be worth some information alone. The Amazon website also as some items for your particular model?.

I recently purchased a Titan Rapid Shredder TTB353SHR from Screwfix, which is similar to the model you have. Great bit of kit, but make sure that any extention leads you have are capable of taking higher voltage,depending on length.

  Brumas 14:21 18 Aug 2014

spuds I beat you to it ;o} I have already ordered a replacement blade for £19.99. As it was £10 cheaper than the rest I asked the seller if it was a genuine Bosch part and he assured me it was as he is a local dealer who buys their parts directly from Bosch.

  Brumas 16:37 18 Aug 2014

Job done, I used a very weak solution of cleaner and an old green plastic pot scourer and it came up a treat. Inside i used a rag and paraffin and finished off with a good squirting of WD-40. When the replacement blade comes I shall give it a whirl :o}

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