Boris Johnson fiasco, judge's ruling

  rickf 12:29 29 May 2019

BJ to stand trial for lying to the public whilst in public office. Whoaaa. Is a tsunami coming?

  bremner 12:43 29 May 2019

I predict it that will stand no chance of getting anywhere near a trial as this decision, made by a District Judge, will be overturned in a higher court.

  Quickbeam 14:13 29 May 2019

I predict that it will cause a lot of amusing devilment during the leadership contest!

  Quickbeam 14:20 29 May 2019

The other political devilment brewing is in Tom Watson now calling for an amnesty for members that voted against their party.

That, and then there are the calls for Corbyn to be challenged again as leader.

The silly season is early this year...

  Govan1x 19:09 29 May 2019

Well it seems the person who is responsible for taking him to court has had to pay out £100.000 for the pleasure of doing it.

To many things happening just now for it to be a one off.

Brexit Party being picked on as well as the labour party and now boris. Something going on that should not I think..

  Quickbeam 22:05 29 May 2019

Nah... it's just a series of incredible coincidences.

  csqwared 15:38 30 May 2019

and there's more.....


  csqwared 15:40 30 May 2019 didn't wotk - try again Opium

  Pine Man 15:40 30 May 2019

Certainly MPs have made promises in past that they probably wouldn't have been able to keep, a bit like Corbyn promising to scrap tuition fees, but that's a lot different to providing dubious statistics as fact. IMHO.

  Quickbeam 17:42 30 May 2019


Well there's more credibility in that revelation that May's heatfield trespass!

  Quickbeam 17:42 30 May 2019


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