Boris and the continuing Burqa saga

  oresome 08:26 10 Aug 2018

I'm surprised there has been no mention that I can see on the forum of the recent events concerning Boris

Is this a symptom of how we as a society are cowed by political correctness from expressing a view?

  daz60 03:47 12 Aug 2018

I have laughed at ,Mods,Rockers,Punks,Goths (used to be one !!),hillbilly,at people in flares,10inch high heels ,excessive tattoos,men in makeup,men in dresses but it seems that in today's puritanical society it is wrong to bring culture into 'disrepute'or ridicule and just as the Puritans attempted to stifle society by imposing numerous bans on peoples speech or entertainment so today's Puritan/Fundamentalists (otherwise the Politically Correct ) seem to want the same.

  lotvic 21:23 12 Aug 2018

  Quickbeam 06:22 13 Aug 2018

I see that Boris is still gone to ground, this is the third time he's done this, not exactly quality PM material if he goes to ground everytime the going get tough...

  oresome 08:03 13 Aug 2018

He's getting strong support from his family who think he didn't go far enough.

  oresome 08:07 13 Aug 2018

A friend of my sons used to wear a balaclava when visiting Post Offices. He got 7yrs.

I know the queues at Post Offices are long, but that's ridiculous.

  Quickbeam 16:33 13 Aug 2018

boom boom...

  roger.roger 13:42 18 Aug 2018

nobody complained when Prince Philip said

enter link description here

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