Border search By irish Republic if no deal brexit

  Govan1x 00:16 22 Jul 2019

The UK has made it clear that a no deal Brexit that they would have no borders in Northern Ireland.

But Irish Brexit negotiator was quizzed on TV today and admitted that they would have to have a stop and search border In the south if it was a no deal Brexit.

Just thought it was a bit hypocritical of them to demand that the UK should not have a border but they can.

  amonra 13:19 22 Jul 2019

I agree with wee eddie's original post, if the EU want a border, then THEY can set it up and pay for all the inconvenience. All these MPs should stop grandstanding and get down to some serious talking with a handful of common sense thrown in.

  Govan1x 13:33 22 Jul 2019

Subscribe to thread. Just noticed that on all new threads. has it been on the go for a while or just started. Obviously for those that want emails.

  Pine Man 13:57 22 Jul 2019

has it been on the go for a while or just started.

Been on the go for a long time.

  wee eddie 14:39 22 Jul 2019

Govan1x: There is about a 12 hour lead time on the email

  Govan1x 15:17 22 Jul 2019

Ok thanks for the info.

I was just worried that it was a new thing and I would get besieged with emails.

And i don't want that.

Sorry for changing the subject though.

hammond is going on Wednesday. If I was Boris and he is the new PM I would make sure he went tomorrow instead.

Probably because he was on his way out anyway.His days were numbered.

It will be interesting to see what the new broom does.

Hope he gets the backstop problem fixed and we can get out with a good deal. if not looks like it could drag out for a bit longer.

  Govan1x 15:22 22 Jul 2019

The irish republic will loose about £50 billion if there is a no deal according to Andrew Marr on the news report yesterday.

Maybe that will make them think a bit harder about having a good deal instead.

  grumpy old man 15:32 22 Jul 2019

I have a life long friend that moved to Crossmaglen a couple of years ago , when I went to see her I had my info screen set on kmph and looked at my main display for mph. I did this because on one of the main roads leading to here home you go both north and south of the border lots of times and if I saw a kmph or mph sign I wanted to make sure I was doing the correct speed.

These mean that in theory at least their could be half a dozen or more check points but I doubt if it would be workable.

BTW on the subject of Ireland , be careful how much you have to drink if you plan on going out the next day , they are dead keen on breathalyser's and when they target a road they stop EVERYONE and no I am not joking !

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