interzone55 19:37 24 Feb 2010

I'd just like to say that my wage slip today shows I got a massive annual bonus of £84.63 after tax & NI.

I'm sure the RBS staff are jealous...

  tullie 19:43 24 Feb 2010

Lots of people dont even get a bonus.

  peter99co 19:50 24 Feb 2010

Bonus is a dirty word these days and is almost a bad as the word Expenses. I would spend yours now before Darling taxes it or Brown gives it to a good cause.

  Input Overload 20:51 24 Feb 2010

What's a wage slip?

  interzone55 20:59 24 Feb 2010

I've only been getting them for the last 3 years, before that I worked for 15 years in retail and never had a sniff of a bonus, the only perk being £3 towards a Christmas party...

  mrwoowoo 23:24 24 Feb 2010

I get a monthly bonus dependant on how much tonnage i produce that's above budget.
I have no problem with bonuses or incentive schemes if they are paid according to how much profit you make.
But, paying one, no matter how much money you lose, especially if it's the tax payers is just plain wrong. Profit = bonus.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 07:18 25 Feb 2010

Borrowing money at 0%-0.5% and then lending it out at 6%-29% does not need a sharp financial brain as a short-sighted baboon with rheumatism could not fail. Ironically it is our money that they are lending back to us and charging us for the pleasure of borrowing it. Of course the bankers will chirp that it is their Foreign Inv. Div. that has contributed the most...would that be the same Division that rescued RBS when they were in deep doo-doos? Rat+smell+a+I (rearrange to suit).


  Monoux 07:29 25 Feb 2010

Heard on the radio this morning that RBS ( 84% owned by the taxpayer ) is set to announce a £5 billion loss and will be paying £1.7 billion in bonuses. Words fail me

  Input Overload 08:00 25 Feb 2010

My bonus system is quite simple, I do 3 jobs on site per day instead of two.

  peter99co 11:03 25 Feb 2010

click here

But the bank's head, Stephen Hester, said it had lost money by not paying big bonuses to retain productive staff.

Swings and rounderbouts?

  Bapou 11:21 25 Feb 2010

All this talk about bonuses is utter nonsense. Job satisfaction, that's what really counts!!

Or, at least that's what I was told many years ago.

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