The Bomberos Voluntarios of Guatamala City

  TopCat® 14:13 13 Feb 2011

In what statistics show to be the most deadliest city on earth, these volunteer paramedics risk life and limb as they attend the aftermath of drug gang related multi-shootings each and every day.

In what promises to be a sobering and thought-provoking programme, BBC Two is presenting the "Toughest place to be a paramedic" at 21.00 GMT tonight.

Full details are at click here I really don't intend missing this. TC.

  spuds 15:41 13 Feb 2011

One thing that I have to disagree with is the 'most deadliest city on earth', because a number of other places seem to have that title as well. Latin America as always had hot-spots for violence, especially were it involves gangs, drugs and racketeering. Even some of the top 'hit persons' are only aged 17 years old, so it makes you think as to when they started their apprenticeships?.

But it does go to show how the world as improved, if this evenings documentary is anything to go by. In years past, it was a case of leaving the clearing up to the locals or the morgue staff.

  peter99co 15:54 13 Feb 2011

Makes you think as to when they started their apprenticeships?.

Gangs terrorise parts of the country, a phenomenon imported from the US by deported Central American migrants in the 80s and attract hundreds of poor young men and women into their ranks

  spuds 12:01 14 Feb 2011

Saw the programme and it ran true to form.

The particular part of the programme was how most of these services are run by volunteers, with no consideration for their own safety or involvement. Try telling that to some of the people in a far cash wealthier world!.

  TopCat® 12:50 14 Feb 2011

As mentioned in the programme their situation is getting much worse as Mexican drug gangs have now crossed over into Guatamala. Their presence is confirmed by the way some of them deal with their enemies: beheadings and the severing of limbs is commonplace.

One of the bomberos probably had the answer when he suggested these gangs should be rounded up, put in a large, totally secure prison and left to fight it out between themselves. It would save the state huge expense and, more importantly, reduce the gang warfare on the streets.

Drastic measures it's true, but what else can be done with these 'animals' ? TC.

  carver 14:38 14 Feb 2011

Saw that programme last night and I am just glad I do not live there, you can't even catch a bus with out the fear of being killed.

The people who do those jobs have my up-most respect.

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