Bomber Boys

  Toneman 17:39 06 Feb 2012

Unless I have missed it, no one has yet commented on last evening's programme. I must say I was a bit disappointed at the meagre amount of film showing the inside of the Lancaster, cockpit with control columns, radio equipment etc., most of it just showed the pilot "enjoying" himself, apart from the war footage and the former pilots' reminiscences of course...

  Forum Editor 22:28 09 Feb 2012

"The Lincoln was itself superseded by the Canberra"

Ah,the Canberra. RAF Negombo, 1956. The memories come flooding back.

  flycatcher1 22:55 09 Feb 2012

morddwyd I bow to your superior knowledge re the Shack, initially known as the Lincoln ASR. The Lincoln operated as a bomber in Malaya, Kenya and Aden and ended its days at Lindholme and Hemswell as a trainer for V Force Navigator Radars. The Shackleton replaced the Lincoln in Aden and was used as a bomber. A friend of mine commanded the Flight there.

The Lincoln and the Canberra operated at the same time and then the Vs operated with the Canberras. The first time I saw a Canberra I got in and off we went - it was a bit different with the Vulcan.

  morddwyd 07:35 10 Feb 2012

"The Shackleton replaced the Lincoln in Aden and was used as a bomber. "

One of the Shackleton's many roles was "Colonial Policing" (as well as troop carrying, it could catty a couple of dozen, and air monitoring, it carried wing scoops ostensibly for use post Christmas Island nuclear tests, though whether it was ever actually used for this I don't know), when guns and bombs were used.

I've loaded 1,000 lbs and fragmentation bombs (14 lns>)on the Shackleton in the CP role, and also fired the gins, though not in anger, just at a float!

Re-arming the guns in the air was an "interesting" job at low level over the South Arabian desert!

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