boiler question

  sunnystaines 10:16 10 Nov 2013

have a glow worm micron boiler. during summer with just hot water run ok, last few days started using the radiators but occasionally the boiler has just shut down.

first time the green reset light was on turning the boiler on/off got it working----looked on the net and it is listed as a "non volatile lockout" but no explanation to what that means.

then today shut down again no lights on in the boiler, turning boiler on/off as before no joy, turned off at control box and it started again. this fault not listed.

any ideas what the problem may be please.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:33 10 Nov 2013

Have a look at the post from Statia here

  sunnystaines 10:43 10 Nov 2013

Fruit Bat /\0/\

thanks read the link, i think mine is different as i can get the boiler to restart, it was just annoying when it shut off as the radiators run cold and no hot water in the taps.

  Forum Editor 11:25 10 Nov 2013

The usual cause of this problem lies in the flame sensing electrode. If it doesn't read the flame the boiler will not operate.

The good news is that it is a cheap and easy repair. Get a boiler engineer to check it for you.

  mbc 12:08 10 Nov 2013

Hi FE-can you tell me where I can get a cheap boiler engineer? LOL

  bumpkin 13:15 10 Nov 2013

mbc. what sort of cheap boiler do you have:-)

  mbc 13:30 10 Nov 2013

Bunny boiler

  bumpkin 14:25 10 Nov 2013

Needs frequent servicing then.

  spuds 14:47 10 Nov 2013

I had a Glow-Worm Micron 55F boiler that worked very well for about 12 years, before it gave the same 'non volatile lockout' indication. It proved to be a time and finance disaster in getting the boiler fixed, with the end result a new 'combi' boiler was purchased and installed.

Two companies became involved with the Glow Warm problem, the first company decided that it was the fan causing the problem, and this was replaced, but to no avail. The second company decided that it was 'poor circulation',shutting down the system, so they cleaned the system out, changed the venting and replaced the old circulating pump. This also did not solve the problem in the short term.

Checking eBay at the time, there was a good supply of new and used parts for a replacement option on this boiler. Checking with Glow Warm and the trade, there is also two direct replacement boiler's (new model numbers) available at a very good price. a case of out with old and in with the new!.

There is another post floating about in the forum, covering some of the problems I was having with the 'combi' replacement. Still having problems and now wish I had taken the direct Glow Warm boiler replacement option, solely for peace of mind and finance saving!.

  woodchip 23:57 10 Nov 2013

I Think FE is talking about the thermocouple, as this is an item that as no warranted even when new. they can last years or fail in a very short time. It is a built in Safety device for if Pilot flame goes out it shuts down as it decouples the main gas from burner

  sunnystaines 09:24 11 Nov 2013

could strong gusts of wind hitting the flu blow down and cause this problem, we have had very strong winds gusts the last couple of weeks?

rang a boiler company was told £60 callout then £15 per fifteen mins if not fixed during a service plus parts. the boiler is a micron 60 ten years old after reading spuds story and the fe reply in a ponder at present. Cuts out about once a day was ok on hot water only only played up since heating used.

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