BMW Satnav

  rawprawn 20:30 21 Jan 2010

I am about to buy a new 3 series coupe for delivery March with built in satnav.
Apparently there are two versions Business, and professional.
Has anyone experience of either of these who can give me advice. I don't really want to spend on the pro version if the business version is good. I have tried to look up the differences, but apart from size which isn't really a problem, and taking dvd in the pro version. I am not really seeing any difference which I am sure is wrong.
Happy if someone can put me straight.

  MAT ALAN 21:02 21 Jan 2010

click here
there seem to be some constructive views here, it might help you decide...

  Forum Editor 23:15 21 Jan 2010

in her car, and she says she likes it. She had a TomTom in the previous car, but she says this is better because it's built in.

Mind you, most of her trips are to places she knows well, so her opinion isn't based on that much experience.

  rdave13 23:33 21 Jan 2010

Better than a TomTom....
'Never in Europe'.

  Snec 01:18 22 Jan 2010

No difference, not much difference?

I think you are probably right. I had a BMW for two years up to the end of 2008 with the std version (in truth I didn't realise they were categorised as 'business' and 'pro', that's if they were then) and it never occured to me that I might be missing something. I don't really think BMW would install something that may be considered under specced.

  Quickbeam 07:42 22 Jan 2010

It's likely that soon it'll all be free. This article click here suggests so, but that it won't necessarily be for the best.

  rawprawn 08:00 22 Jan 2010

Thank you all for your replies, and having looked at MAT ALAN's link and the other answers, I will stick to the business version.
I don't do many miles these days, and like FE's wife mostly know where I am going.:-))

  birdface 10:38 22 Jan 2010

This from A194 in Consumer watch if you have a Nokia.

click here

  rawprawn 15:44 22 Jan 2010

I managed to negociate an upgrade to the Professional at no extra charge.

  Noldi 16:48 22 Jan 2010

The pro comes with the better sound system. The business sound system isnt bad but the pro is very good. Sat nav side of things is not so different
Thats what I have heard, but my next BMW is the first time with business ive always had the pro. I know the pro alerts you to traffic problems.


  Bingalau 17:36 22 Jan 2010

I have a navigation device in my Rolls, it's called a chauffeur, wonderful invention.

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