Blurred TV Captions

  johndrew 16:36 16 Jun 2012

The main picture is crisp and clear but the 'red button' caption is blurred as are many of the information bars at the bottom of the screen and 'Teletext' when selected with the 'red button'. Sometimes it will clear to become a clean caption and then drift off again. Is this another of the 'joys' of digital TV transmissions along with loss of signal due to rain etc.?

With analogue all the screen content was clear but now part of it it is like periods of a news broadcast where the cameraman is incapable of getting the shot in focus 'for legal reasons'!!

Do others suffer this problem or know of any cure?

  johndrew 12:09 20 Jun 2012


Thanks for coming back.

I did the job this morning. Removal of the back was simple and the inside was amazingly clean given its seven years of use - no fluff and only light dust. The tube had a greasy black dirt on it; probably from the materials in the back and heat.

Adjustment was fun. Text is now much clearer on the right and slightly less so on the left, but overall much better. Interesting also is the picture appears clearer. However I did notice that on the white at the very edges of the screen there was a little distortion and the individual colours were visible as a band - probably morddwyd's description of convergence. Whether there is any mileage in attempting any other adjustment I'm not certain as the set is watchable and I'm no TV engineer!!

Thanks for your help.

  johndrew 20:00 20 Jun 2012

I'm already saving for a larger screen and have seen what I should like to buy, but they are far from the cheapest household item and this set will need to last for at least another three months. Now the picture is improved I have hopes this will be the case.

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