Blurred TV Captions

  johndrew 16:36 16 Jun 2012

The main picture is crisp and clear but the 'red button' caption is blurred as are many of the information bars at the bottom of the screen and 'Teletext' when selected with the 'red button'. Sometimes it will clear to become a clean caption and then drift off again. Is this another of the 'joys' of digital TV transmissions along with loss of signal due to rain etc.?

With analogue all the screen content was clear but now part of it it is like periods of a news broadcast where the cameraman is incapable of getting the shot in focus 'for legal reasons'!!

Do others suffer this problem or know of any cure?

  morddwyd 20:00 16 Jun 2012

Used to be a "convergence" problem in the old CRT days, bot not sure if digital systems suffer from this.

It's probably quite deliberate to make us think we need HD!

  carver 20:06 16 Jun 2012

I may be wrong but I was led to believe that you either receive a digital signal or you don't, no half ways.

So the blurring shouldn't be any thing to do with the signal.

  johndrew 11:05 17 Jun 2012

The caption blurring is on all channels and it will vary from clear and legible to very blurred and illegible. At the same time the main picture remains clear and sharp. If I watch the same channels via a recorder the same problem is apparent. This indicates to me the problem is signal related.


Not quite sure what you mean, "Used to be a "convergence" problem in the old CRT days" my TV is CRT rather than 'flat screen' and is capable of receiving both analogue and digital signals. Prior to the analogue shut down, all captions on both were clear - this problem has only become apparent since only a digital signal is available.


I'm not sure I understand what you are saying. To tune the set there is a menu item that searches out all channels available and locks them into 'memory'. To my knowledge there is no manual 'fine tuning' for individual channels - the manual tuning is only for all channels as far as I can make out. If I select either 301 (with picture) or 302 (shows text about 2012 Olympics only) they are both blurred for the text as any other channel. Does this mean there is a fault in the TV? If it's of help the TV is a Sony Trinitron KD-28DL11U.

  morddwyd 12:45 17 Jun 2012

"Not quite sure what you mean, "Used to be a "convergence" problem in the old CRT days" "

In as CRT there are three colour "guns " firing at the screen, and they have to be aligned fairly accurately.

It was not unusual, particularly on cheaper tubes (which did not necessarily apply to the price of the set!) for this accuracy to drop off towards the edge of the curved screen, and blurring to occur at the margins.

However, since the fault is intermittent with you it is unlikely to be the cause of your problem.

  johndrew 13:31 17 Jun 2012


I see what you mean. But as I said in my original post the main picture is crisp so it must be something to do with the secondary/overlay information which (presumably) is a separate transmission to the main picture. Although I do accept the 'red button' caption is top right and the other information is generally to the lower edge.

But this is further confused by selecting 302 (as wiz-king suggested - I think) and finding a grey background with white text the whole of which is 'fuzzy'.

  johndrew 10:19 18 Jun 2012


Many thanks.

I think you have confirmed my fear; my trusty(?) TV is on the blink!

Now is the time to ask whether it is worth getting it repaired or simply replace it. I know that some repairs are expensive - in time if not parts - and as much as I like the TV's looks it is getting old (7 years). Do you have an opinion?


It is totally digital. I used the term 'Teletext' to define the type of service; hence the inverted commas. Our analogue signal was cut a while ago and we are near the edge of two transmitter services which causes the signals from either to be less than perfect for a lot of people. As a result many have opted for the satellite service. Those of us on the terrestrial still suffer quite a bit of pixelation during bad weather.

  carver 10:32 18 Jun 2012

Repairs are expensive and the amount of warranty you get sometimes is next to worthless. TV's are mainly circuit boards and the old ones can be nearly as much as a new TV

You said the main picture was still good so just put up with it until the set goes completely, or get a stronger pair of glasses.

  johndrew 15:24 18 Jun 2012

get a stronger pair of glasses

Doesn't help if what you are looking at is already blurred. All you see is the blurred bit clearer!!

  johndrew 16:32 18 Jun 2012

More water required?

I wish. Cheaper and more fun than buying a new TV!!!

  johndrew 14:36 19 Jun 2012

Joking now firmly aside as I need serious help.

Given that wiz-king provided some very good pointers earlier, perhaps, if he sees this he may offer more good advice.

I have studied the picture very carefully over the past couple of days and although it is the text that shows up most as being blurred it is the whole of the right hand side of the screen that is affected - because of movement it is less visible in the picture.

I have located a full service manual for the TV which I have downloaded and read (well most of it) especially pages 20 to 23 which specifically refer to focus adjustment and circuit adjustments. The former requires entry into the case the latter can be carried out using the handset.

The focus adjustment (page 20) looks very much a cure for the problem but I would appreciate a qualified opinion and any advice before I start digging inside the set.

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